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Ross Ulbricht would have been the man behind the black silk infamous web market Road.when his trial began again in 2015 when he led to a life sentence for life when he was convicted of possession of the “Dread Pirate Roberts “(DRP) on the market.

According to the motherboard, Ross’s lawyers are claiming new evidence that someone is using the Dread Pirate Roberts six weeks after being arrested for discovering. At the time, Ross was in federal custody he could not be him.

As such, the logical conclusion is that someone else has access to the Dread Pirate Roberts had loaded. Either because they had access to the inquiry, because someone with a law enforcement fund did, or because there was another CMA.
The latter was a possibility all the time because there were other suspects. NCF also reported back in 2015 that an infiltrated agent involved in the study believes Mark Karpeles of Mt.Gox was the brain behind the Silk Road. In the process, it was even stated Ross was framed by “true DPR”.

Joshua Dratel, Ross Ulbricht’s lawyer recently filed a letter to the US Attorney’s office in Maryland, says his team found evidence of another corrupt law enforcement agent. This time, it seems a cop “surgically” evidence removed in the case.
Silk Road had more of a DPR?

The letter, which has not yet made public, according to the motherboard also signed notes to the Dread Pirate Roberts account after the alleged owner was in custody. Ulbricht was arrested on 2 October 213 and Silk Road was taken the same day. The forums, but remained until November 22. The defense said that someone connected to the account of the 18th.

The information was discovered by forensic analysts. They won by studying the backups of the Silk Road forums used as evidence by the government. According to lawyers Dratel and Lindsay Lewis Ulbricht, moisten the public questioned in the process that led to life in prison criminal evidence.

This has not previously been raised, as the defense argues, the emphasis is on proof of falsification. In addition, there were more than six terabytes of information to pass, so the team was not able to see just now for the trial.
A suitcase full of controversy

Lyn Ulbricht, Ross Ulbricht’s mother, said this new evidence raises questions about the evidence Ross used closure. After questioning access to the RDP’s account on the Silk Road in the past, it has sounded the alarm against government abuses in the digital age. It was never clarified how the FBI received Ross Ulbricht in the first place. He never really clarified how they discovered the Silk Road servers.

In addition, two former corrupt agents working the case were sentenced to Silk Road multiple charges. Former secret service agent Shaun Bridges stole crypto-currency over $ 800,000 in, former US federal agent Carl Job IV pleaded guilty to charges, including theft, extortion, money laundering and hindrance to Justice.

All this led to Ross Ulbricht’s lawyers according to the lawsuit was unfair, looking for a new one. Meanwhile, another dark web marketplace has grown to celebrity while trying to appear several Silk Road imitators.

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