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Introducing VeriCoin.
The most innovative Digital Currency in the world.
Breaking away from the energy intensive Proof of Work concept of BitCoin, and building upon various elements of more recent Proof of Stake coins, VeriCoin is loaded with unique, one-of-a-kind, practical (and useful) features.

VeriBit: VeriBit makes it possible to spend VeriCoin wherever BitCoin is accepted. Besides BitCoin itself, VeriCoin is the most spendable Digital Currency on the market.
VeriSend: VeriSend is an optional privacy service which masks transaction data from prying eyes. It utilizes ring nodes, random transaction send amounts, and various other techniques to hide the send/receive connection from the world.

With more features on the way, an active Community and strategic partnerships in the works – VeriCoin is destined to change the way average citizens view the sometimes “esoteric” world of Crypto Currencies.


* With VeriBit VeriCoin is automatically accepted WHEREVER BitCoin is accepted!

What is VeriCoin?

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