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The exciting world of Digital Currency is growing exponentially and financial technologies, such as BitCoin and VeriCoin, are leading the way.

For the purposes of this video we’ll keep it simple. Blockchain technology IS complicated but the end user experience doesn’t have to be.

With that in mind this video tutorial takes you through the process of Downloading, Installing and Backing Up your new VeriCoin Wallet. It also shows the user where their new VeriCoin Receive Address is.

It’s really simple to set up and we hope you’ll enjoy being on the cusp of what could very well be the equivalent of a Financial, Peer to Peer revolution in how value is attained and transferred on a global scale.

*Step by Step Download and Installation Text Directions are Below.

Step 1. Visit and click “Wallets” from the Menu above. From here please select the platform you want to use. Linux, Windows and OSX are available as Desktop Wallets and Android as a Mobile Wallet.

Step 2. Download the VeriCoin Wallet for your platform, run the program and a VeriCoin Setup Wizard Dialogue will pop up.

*OSX/Mac users may need to “Allow” 3rd Party Applications to be downloaded by selecting – System Preferences – Security & Privacy – General – Allow Apps Downloaded From – Anywhere.

Step 3. After running the VeriCoin Wallet a splash screen will appear and the BlockChain will automatically begin Downloading.

*This will take some time but only needs to be done once for new VeriCoin users.

Step 4. Once the BlockChain is finished being Downloaded you will be prompted to Encrypt your VeriCoin Wallet. Please create a STRONG passphrase/password of 10 characters or more and feel free to be creative. Please repeat the New Passphrase in the second field below to verify.

*Write this password down on paper and make copies of it.

Step 5. After entering your Passphrase/Password the VeriCoin Wallet will restart. Please type in your Passphrase once more to gain access to the Wallet.

Step 6. Once your Wallet is Synchronized with the Network it’s a good idea to Back Up your Wallet to an external USB or Micro SD.

*For more information on Backing Up your Wallet please check out our video on that subject specifically at

Step 7. From here click on the Receive Tab and you’ll notice that a new VeriCoin address has already been created for you. You can now Receive $VRC from anyone, anywhere in the world, at anytime, instantly… for free.

Step 8. You’re finished! Welcome to the VeriCoin Community! Feel free to browse our YouTube videos and Forums for more information. Connect with us on ALL Social Media platforms and let us know how we’re doing, what you would like to see us implement or if we can be of any help! Thanks!

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