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London Correspondent Nick Ayton gives us an overview of the Chain Expo London 2017 block, the two-day event at the Olympia Conference Center in London.

As a speaker, panellist and president, I really enjoyed this event. It was smooth, well-organized, high-block Block content and was hit. The atmosphere was exceptional and I can see the need for a larger room for next year. The bar is very high for chain block events!

The genius of Ian Johnson of Six Degrees Events – who also managed to “Woz” involved in “getting Hackfest” Hackathon in Berlin – combined Block Internet string of objects, which will inevitably play a major role in blocking the maturation chain As a large box couple.

Ido apparently ahead, as evidenced by seeing the number of devices and robots, to see the whole industry is speeding up quickly with a very cool technology and the inevitable Hackathon that attracts geeks.
The block activities of the chain are divided into two: an industry component, the conference focused on the activities of banks and other industries and technologies and development, focusing on pure enterprises and start-ups of The string set of blocks.

The main evangelist blocks of the chain were visible, including Stephan Tual, who had been there from the beginning. Personally, I am happy to Stephan Tual, to see one of my favorite speakers and the former CCO Ethereum, now COO of with me on the technology and stage of development where I chair the second day.

He is one of the few people able to make intelligent Ethereum contracts in life, and who showed us a number of great usage cases as they were rolling on live customers in Germany.
Bitcoin contract so smart

Griff Green, a Crypto pioneer, raised the roof and gave us an enormous amount of energy after joining the scene in the afternoon, about the DAO and the announcement of an audience waiting for the eyes “Bitcoin crypto-currency was actually a clever contract. ”

He had something to bother about crowds at Griff confirmed that there is a serious resource and skill shortage in the Block chain industry, especially the Ethereum development languages, in particular, Solidity. Something I will write a little later this week.

He was great the best block thinkers of the @Blockchain_Expo channel of which many are also seen friends and colleagues. Quality shows serve to work a constant reminder of the depth of talent and the wide range of use and deployment cases. It was great to see so many top and running startups, who are doing real things, not being obsessive with ICO to raise funds and actually prefer to build something.
Bitcoin and cryptographic rails are ideal for designing new forms of payments, transfers and new banking services to the chain building, on the disintermediation shores.

Attracting a lot of interest in the presentations of Wirex was a new platform of personal banking called MONI, Plutus which provided a structure to pass Cryptos and Kumar Gaurav in Cashaa on the tastes of Western Union switched to the services of ” Remittances to be provided to Africa.
Flatten the music industry many problems, simplifying payments and digital rights management

The music industry is on the verge of receiving a wake-up call. Here, everyone drinks from the artist’s income, but Block the chain will change.

The future looks very promising if you listen to Vaughn McKenzie at JAAK with Phil Barry Blokur made a strong impression on the public to think better about how they intend to disrupt and provide increased liquidity for the industry so artists Equitably and promptly.

There is no doubt that Blocking the chain has a great impact on the supply chain and the movement of goods around the world, to improve visibility, security, and helping to origin. This was another major theme of the conference with Oliver Oram on Chainvine on protecting the value of raw materials such as wine, Carl Weir Cross check discuss monetize Block Chain and Pavlo Tanasyuk, founder of the block Check the levy leads to eliminate the Fraud and counterfeiting our supply chains.

Of course, there were many other great contractors Block chain wow the mixed crowds who come to learn the event and find out why Blocking the chain is a big deal.

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