My Best Investment in 2017? A Dash (Digital Cash) Masternode Earned Trading Bitcoin on Poloniex?

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What is the best way to invest in 2017? After reading MONEY Master the Game by Tony Robbins, I started asking myself this question as I was trading Bitcoin on Poloniex in 2016. In December, my friend told me about a digital currency online called Dash which is basically what Bitcoin was supposed to be. What makes Dash awesome? Dash has masternodes which require 1000 Dash and pay out mining rewards every week or two along with voting on budget proposals. In learning about Dash’s features, I felt it was undervalued and had better potential than most of the other crytocurrencies! In taking massive action, I sold everything on Poloniex into Dash to get enough for my masternode.

Today I am grateful my masternode has doubled in value in just a few months as the price has went up! Would you like to learn how to invest in your own Dash masternode? Watch this video to start from knowing nothing about any cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and join me on a journey through one tutorial after another to see if you would like to join me as a Dash masternode owner! Click a timepoint below to skip to a specific video in this complete class! Enjoy all my Dash resources at

12:46 What is a Dash masternode and why might it be the best investment for 2017? A Dash masternode helps with mining and processing of Dash transactions. Any DashCore wallet with 1000 Dash can setup a masternode. Dash masternodes earn mining rewards every week or two. Mining rewards are similar to dividends paid at 0.2% weekly.
24:45 Installation and basic use of a DashCore wallet for receiving Dash, holding the collateral for the masternode, and a basic description of PrivateSend and InstantSend features.
33:37 How to encrypt a Dash wallet and keep a Dash wallet secure in 12.1 including passphrase discussions?
47:22 Backing up and restoring a Dash wallet.
55:57 Buying Dash with Coinbase and Poloniex.
1:08:23 Real time Dash buy using Shapeshift.
1:24:45 Change cash to Bitcoin and soon Dash with Wall of Coins.
1:31:17 Use 1000 Dash to create a public key for a masternode.
1:38:08 Node40 makes hosting a Dash masternode easy!
1:45:03 Submit a Dash budget proposal to earn Dash helping our community with advertising, marketing, development, public relations, and more!

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