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IMPORTANT: When you register, make sure you ACTIVATE your account, or you won’t be earning traffic nor advertising credits!

Infinity Traffic Boost is a Bitcoin traffic exchange and rev share site that can make you good money as well as drive loads of traffic to your websites.

Here’s just a quick rundown:

The Traffic Exchange:

You can let the traffic exchange run in the background. There’s no need to keep watching the ads.
All you need to do is click the correct colored link that appears at the end of the ad. Then, the next website will be shown and you can go ahead and do other things.
Just remember to go back to the site every once in a while to start the next ad.

Inside the members area you can change the settings and choose between:

* Receive Surfer Reward Shares for every 10 pages surfed + 0.25 credits for each surfed page

* Receive 0.5 credits for each surfed page

I recommend the first option, where you get a surfer reward share for every 10 sites you surf. These shares allow you to share in the daily income generated by advertising purchases. And the more shares you earn, the more money you can make
The credit you receive can be used to advertise your own sites.

Infinity Traffic Boost offers ELEVEN Traffic Packages, starting from Ƀ 0.002 ($3)
These Traffic Packages can be purchased in BitCoin or at an additional cost in USD.
An advertising pack allows you to add your website(s) to the traffic exchange, and additionally add banners and text ads to the system.
How To Make Money

* All Members Earn a Minimum of 30% commissions on purchases of your direct referrals and pass-up purchases.
When you purchase an advertising package, you can get your commission level up to 80%.

* Surfers Rewards Pool – get paid for surfing

In short, this site can make you some good money, and will drive traffic to your site(s) at the same time.

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