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Using “Spend Bitcoin’s” merchant and vendor directory a VeriCoin user finds a service where they can pay in VeriCoin using VeriBit. In this case they want to purchase additional SEO and website traffic using BTCClicks.

It’s very convenient to be able to spend VRC wherever BTC is accepted directly from inside the VeriCoin Wallet and now there are hundreds of thousands of vendors, services and merchants who understand the benefits of accepting CryptoCurrencies.

Spend Bitcoins: Our mission is simple: Make bitcoin easier

Today, over 100,000 merchants accept bitcoin, and we aim to list every one here, as well as all their products. We want to make it easy to find places to spend your bitcoins on anything you want, anywhere in the world, all in one place.

At our home-away-from-home in the Spend Bitcoin offices, we start our day by adding a teaspoon of bitcoin to our morning coffee while munching on a bowl of bitcoin bran. We live and breathe bitcoin and we are committed to bringing bitcoin to your daily life as well, by making bitcoin as easy and comfortable as slipping into a pair of old jeans.

Spending bitcoin should be fast, simple, clear, efficient, and global. Our aim is to allow anyone, anywhere, anytime to be able to use bitcoins as easily as using cash. Even easier, because unlike cash you don’t have to scrounge around under the couch for loose change, just pop on your computer or smartphone and away you go.
We are working every day to innovate and expand bitcoin, to create the infrastructure required to keep it going now and well into the future. We look forward to a long and happy relationship working with you and all your bitcoin needs.
Happy Spending!

–Jeremy West
Founder, SpendBitcoins


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