How GIFTOBIT Works and How you can Make Bitcoin from Helping Others!

Published on September 22, 2016 by

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One of the most viral system out there
One Time Fee of 0.06 BTC ($37)
Self compounding Matrix with SpillOver
not like anything else you may have seen in the past
No recruiting required, but YES it is recommended,
if you want to earn more

Everyone joining needs a BitCoin account. You can get a free Bitcoin Account on

by using the link you will get $10 Free for signing up on your first purchase of $100+ of bitcoin.
Everyone will be equal in the matrix.

Imagine if every person on the planet gave you $1.00. It wouldn’t be difficult for them and you would immediately become a billionaire. Now that sounds great but the question is. How could you possibly encourage them to do that? Well all brilliant ideas are simple, by becoming a member and by supporting the International Philanthropic Projects of GIFTOBIT, you could receive 100’s of dollars worth of Bitcoin into your account in a very short time and the amounts will continue to grow day by day. People from all around the world will gladly send you contributions.
To Change the World Bit BY Bit
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