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At last, the Hilarious… Top 10 Reasons YOU Might be a “BITCOIN ADDICT.”

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YOU Might be a BITCOIN ADDICT, if…

10) You change your cat’s name to “Satoshi.”

9) You consider yourself an astronaut – but only when it comes to… moonshots.

8) The only wallets you have are made of paper and hardware.

7) When anyone asks about your retirement plan, you simply reply, “HODL baby.”​

6) When you get a bill in the mail, you think… “What is a check and how do I send it?”

5) You think “cash” is the name of a country singer.

4) You think John McAfee should run for president in 2020.

3) You have life-sized statues of the Winklevoss twins in your living room.

2) The tattoo on your forehead says BLOCKCHAIN.

1) Your bank thinks you’re broke, but Coinbase knows about that island you just bought.

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