GameCredits is the best monetization solution for Game Developers

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GameCredits is the Supreme In-Game Currency for any platform or game.

The online population is a large and growing segment of the global population. $81.5 Billion dollars worth of game revenues were earned globally during 2014. With Latin America alone having a 3.3 Billion share of that revenue during the same year.

GameCredits is in-game currency that can be integrated into any game. Space shooters, fantasy sports, and air combat games for example.

Gamers can buy in-game items at prices set by developers. Integration is fast, easy, and the platform is secure because it’s based on blockchain technology.

GameCredits enables developers to monetize their games in a new highly profitable way, and can be exchanged to the currency of your choice.

Sell entire games, virtual items, expansion packs, or use GameCredits as an in-game currency with real world value.

All funds are secured by a blockchain wallet.

Manage applications, items, and monitor earnings statistics from the Developer Center dashboard.

Keep track of customer information, and view transaction details.

Example scripts, documentation, as well as help and support can be found here.

Roadmap – Shows what we have done, and what we’re going to do.

GameCredits is the best platform for making your game profitable, so you can focus on making great games!

“A great way to not make money is to make something you don’t believe in. Make your game. Be confident.” – Rami Ismail (Makes games at Vlambeer)

GameCredits will revolutionize in-game purchases and bring developers a monetization based on fair-play rules.

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