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Use This Promo Code For The Arculus Next-Gen Crypto Wallet: Unparalleled Security and Privacy

Use This Promo Code For The Arculus Next-Gen Crypto Wallet: Unparalleled Security and Privacy


As we’re sure you’ve heard, Ledger’s exposed security vulnerabilities have raised concerns about the safety of crypto cold storage wallets. In these uncertain times, it is crucial to prioritize strict security and privacy measures when it comes to protecting your digital assets. Fortunately, Arculus understands the significance of these values and has built its business around them. With a clear policy of “Your keys. Your crypto. Always!”, Arculus ensures that your assets remain in your control and out of harm’s way. In addition, get this limited-time promotion of 20% off Promo Code For The Arculus until the end of July with the promo code: PRIVATE20, making it the perfect time to switch to this sleek, simple, and secure crypto storage solution.


Sleek, Simple, Secure Crypto Storage:

Arculus presents the next generation of crypto wallets with its unique 3-factor authentication system. The Arculus® cold storage crypto and NFT wallet provides a secure, intuitive, and convenient solution for storing and managing your digital assets. By tapping your Arculus Card to a mobile device with the Arculus App, you gain access to industry-leading security without relying on cords or Bluetooth connections. With Arculus, simplicity meets security, ensuring that your crypto remains safe and easily accessible only to you.

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Tap Into Next-Gen Security:

Is your crypto as secure as possible? Arculus answers this question with a resounding yes. Protected by 3-factor authentication, Arculus employs a combination of factors to keep your digital assets safe. It relies on something you are, something you know, and something you have.

Biometric Lock:

The Arculus App can only be accessed on your mobile device with your unique biometrics, such as fingerprint or facial recognition. This advanced security feature guarantees that only you have access to your crypto.

6-digit Numeric PIN:

As the second step in the authentication process, you input your private 6-digit PIN when prompted by the Arculus App. This provides an additional layer of security to ensure the protection of your assets.

Your Arculus Key Card:

Secure Crypto Cold Storage: By tapping your Arculus Card to the back of your phone, the NFC technology allows you to complete the 3-factor authentication. This streamlined process enables you to securely buy, swap, send, and receive cryptocurrency, as well as manage your NFTs with ease.

Promo Code For The Arculus Cold Storage Wallet: Secure and Easy to Use | 20% Off Promo Code

Over 20 Years of Innovation:

Arculus, developed by CompoSecure, represents a revolutionary crypto security and cold storage wallet solution. CompoSecure, with its extensive experience in developing award-winning security hardware and financial payment solutions, aims to empower individuals to become guardians of their digital assets. With Arculus, you can embrace the future of Web3 with confidence.

Vault-like Security:

Arculus Card boasts the best-in-class CC EAL6+ Secure Element Hardware Classification, providing you with a level of security that rivals that of a vault. You can confidently hold your crypto in cold storage, knowing that it is protected by cutting-edge technology.

Leading-Edge Privacy:

Arculus prioritizes your privacy by ensuring that you retain control over your keys and crypto assets. Unlike centralized systems, Arculus allows you to safeguard your sensitive personal financial data. Rest assured that Arculus will never store or share your recovery phrase. With Arculus, your keys and your crypto remain yours, always.

Time-Saving Speed:

Arculus offers an easy-to-use account dashboard and “tap to transact” interactions, delivering a faster and more responsive experience. With Arculus, you can efficiently manage your digital assets, saving valuable time without compromising on security.

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In a time when security vulnerabilities are making headlines, it is essential to prioritize the safety and privacy of your crypto assets.

Arculus stands as a beacon of trust and reliability in the realm of crypto storage. With its sleek design, simple user interface, and uncompromising security measures, it is the next-gen solution that crypto enthusiasts have been waiting for. By embracing the 3-factor authentication system, Arculus ensures that your digital assets are protected by something you are, something you know, and something you have.

Furthermore, Arculus’s commitment to privacy is unwavering. Your keys and crypto assets remain under your control, free from any centralized system. This level of independence provides an unparalleled layer of protection for your sensitive financial data. Rest assured, Arculus will never store or share your recovery phrase. Your keys. Your crypto. Always.

Switching to Arculus is not only a smart decision for your security and privacy, but it also comes with a fantastic opportunity. Take advantage of the limited-time promotion offered by Arculus: a generous 20% discount until the end of July. Use the promo code PRIVATE20 to secure this exclusive offer and start safeguarding your digital assets with Arculus.


In conclusion, as the crypto community looks for new cold storage wallets to rely on, Arculus shines as a leading choice. Its cutting-edge security features, user-friendly interface, and unwavering commitment to privacy make it the ultimate solution for protecting your valuable digital assets. Don’t compromise on security—choose Arculus and experience the peace of mind that comes with being the sole guardian of your crypto. Remember, your keys. Your crypto. Always. Switch to Arculus today and secure your financial future in the world of Web3.


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