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This App Could Make HEX Crypto Go Viral (and pump price)


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  1. Just a warning to all StakerApp .
    I paid for my smart wallet 2 months ago and this guy called Stef never validated my smart wallet .
    I feel like being scammed by these people.
    Apparently Crypto Coffee is not aware of the non professionnal way they handle technical issues of clients .
    I contacted this guy 8 times and he never replied .

  2. It's absurd to have to input HSI addresses manually when there are ways to import from the mother address. Many people now have 10+ addys to track. Was also annoyed it doesnt let us track HDRN, plus the ICSA/HDRN pools, not to mention WAATSA yield. Doesn't feel like V2 was built with community needs in mind at all.

    As for staking through staker, I see no reason why anyone with any sense would want to involve this third party. This is doubly true now, after the whole referrals screw-over. Very much looking forward to an app built with the community's needs in mind, as opposed to Stef's.

  3. I understand that the app is now being re-designed and marketed to users outside of the HEX bubble. This could be seen as the next evolutionary step for the team. Though I only use the tool for an easier visual representation of my stakes from multiple addresses, so v2 for the limited use case I have is a step back, so I have fallen back to using v1 for the time being.

    The number of addresses for paid/premium users is capped as 10 external and 10 on watch-lists does not mean the user has 20 addresses that they can see their stakes on. The user is not able to see their stakes for the addresses that are only on the watchlist. For paid users I would have liked (for selfish reasons) this to be unlimited or capped at 20 external addresses rather than 10. Though I fully understand that the steer is towards users making use of the "smart wallet".

    Even though currently v2 is not for me and v1 will be dropped over the coming months πŸ˜ͺ, I would highly recommend the latest v2 app to new HEX stakers, especially those with multiple stakes on the same address.

    Though those, like myself, who would like to also to see their Hedron, ICOSA and HSIs….there are other existing tools that can be used,

  4. To me, it's clear coffee is doing this interview because he's friends with Stef, but in reality, this is a horrible staking app, especially for two years in the making. This coming from a previous premium user. Adoption is coming, but not due to this app.

  5. oh dear should I have been real clever and joined stakerapp? not related to RH ecosystem? errr not really. keep as clsoe to Hex ecosystem as you can else who knows wher you end up.

  6. This guy is very hard to understand.
    His English delivery needs to improve. Without coffee here, we all switch off under 5min.
    Plus overall experience rating of the app, here in the chat is a 1 out of 5 😒

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