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ulseChain Mainnet, the eagerly anticipated Proof-of-Stake blockchain, is set to launch its Mainnet in less than seven days, according to an announcement by the founder, Richard Heart. It was created to solve the Ethereum gas fee problem, currently making transactions untenable for many users. PulseChain is a hard-fork of Ethereum, whereby all smart contracts, ERC20s […]
n a move that confirms they haven’t been living under a rock, Visa hires crypto devs to join their team. The credit card giant wants to make sure they stay relevant in the rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrency, and they’re not afraid to admit it. We have an ambitious crypto product roadmap @Visa and just […]
he European Parliament recently approved the Data Act, which aims to regulate data from connected devices and the Internet of Things. Although not directly targeting the crypto industry, the act’s implications are far-reaching. EU Parliament passes smart contract regulation under Data Act https://t.co/foXBOkECao — The Block (@TheBlock__) March 14, 2023 Smart contracts are not exempt […]