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Polkadot has BIG potential (but most don’t realize). The $DOT token has officially changed from being considered a security to being considered SEC-compliant “software” in the US. In this video we explore #Polkadot crypto & why it can be HUGE! We will be at Bitcoin Conference 2023 next year! Use code ‘ALTCOINDAILY’ for 10% off: […]
These two BIG CATALYSTS could send crypto prices ‘much lower’. 📉 • mtgox bitcoin/ethereum unlock • SEC banning crypto staking We will be at Bitcoin Conference 2023 this year! Use code ‘ALTCOINDAILY’ for 10% off: We’re attending Outer Edge (previously NFTLA)! “AltcoinDailyVIP” for 10% off: Hit Like, Share, and Subscribe for more daily cryptocurrency news […]
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s the Securities and Exchange Commission comes knocking, Binance US’s slice of market share among alternatives in America has faded to almost nothing. On Tuesday, crypto data firm Kaiko published research showing Binance US’s market share has dropped compared to other exchanges available to customers in the U.S., falling to 1.5% from 8% at the […]
The SEC Crackdown Against Crypto Just Got Worse.. ⚠️ Will bitcoin recover? Is crypto being regulated? Let’s discuss the latest cryptocurrency news for bitcoin, ethereum, altcoins, & MORE! SLAP THE LIKE BUTTON! 👋 Use code ‘ALTCOINDAILY’ for 10% off Bitcoin 2023: 🔴 Kevin Smith Makes Crypto History with First Ever NFT Film (Huge Moment) 🟠Mark […]
he SEC is back at it again, this time imposing fines on Coinme, Up Global, and Neil Bergquist for allegedly deceiving investors in their initial coin offering (ICO) of UpToken. But let’s be real, who hasn’t deceived investors in a crypto ICO at least once in their life? Coinme is a crypto ATM company that […]
he crypto industry suffered a major setback with the announcement of the closure of Crypto Bank Silvergate Bank, the largest US bank focused on cryptocurrency customers. Despite its rapid growth over the past decade by embracing the banking business from growing crypto exchanges, the bank’s risky strategy ultimately proved fatal. Crypto Bank Silvergate Rapid Growth […]