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Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are transforming finance, but many of our laws are outdated and ill-suited for this new technological reality. As cryptocurrency adoption grows, we need to re-examine laws to recognize that cryptocurrency is fundamentally about knowledge rather than physical possession. Outdated laws risk hindering innovation in this space. The key innovation of cryptocurrency is […]
s we’re sure you’ve heard, Ledger’s exposed security vulnerabilities have raised concerns about the safety of crypto cold storage wallets. In these uncertain times, it is crucial to prioritize strict security and privacy measures when it comes to protecting your digital assets. Fortunately, Arculus understands the significance of these values and has built its business […]
n a recent revelation, it has been discovered that every Apple computer has been hiding a secret since 2018 – the Bitcoin white paper. This hidden manifesto has fueled wild theories across the internet that the mysterious creator of the world’s biggest cryptocurrency was none other than Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. In this article, we […]
he European Parliament recently approved the Data Act, which aims to regulate data from connected devices and the Internet of Things. Although not directly targeting the crypto industry, the act’s implications are far-reaching. EU Parliament passes smart contract regulation under Data Act https://t.co/foXBOkECao — The Block (@TheBlock__) March 14, 2023 Smart contracts are not exempt […]