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ollowing criticism that the art of the Elementals was too similar to the original Azuki collection, Azuki has responded by announcing a plan to host a community vote to introduce variety in the backgrounds of the NFTs. This announcement was made on the project’s Discord stage on June 29 at 6 p.m. ET, drawing a […]
he world of cryptocurrency is a fascinating and unpredictable place, full of excitement, wonder, and occasional bouts of heart-stopping terror. And if you’re a crypto enthusiast, you’re probably always on the lookout for the next big thing. Well, look no further, because PulseChain is here, and it’s making waves even before it’s gone live. #PulseChain […]
s the world moves towards greater decentralization, it’s only natural that communication also evolves to keep up with the new digital landscape. That’s where Unstoppable Messaging comes in, a messaging platform for Web3 that’s set to change the way we communicate. Get Early Access to Unstoppable Messaging: With Unstoppable Messaging, anyone with an Unstoppable domain […]
hibarians devs were already jumping with excitement for the beta version of Shibarium. But after more technical details such as Chain ID, RPC nodes, block explorer, faucet, and bridge were revealed, they started to smell something fishy. One sharp Shibarian on Discord noticed that the Chain ID, 917, was the same as Rinia’s, a blockchain […]
ayan Warrior, a community of Burning Man festival devotees, has created a fundraiser using NFTs. The community introduced “The Amulet,” a collection of benefit-filled digital assets that support artists and offer unique experiences. Let’s dive into what the Mayan Warrior organizers have created. The Amulet by Mayan Warrior To celebrate 10 years of being a […]