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Revolutionize Your Crypto Earnings: New BOMB Money Mobile App Brings Staking to Millions

Revolutionize Your Crypto Earnings: New BOMB Money Mobile App Brings Staking to Millions


BOMB Money Mobile App, a new crypto staking and DeFi platform, has recently launched a mobile app that utilizes its Binance Application Sidechain, BOMB Chain, which is built using Ankr AppChains technology. This is a big step for the platform as it aims to bring staking and DeFi earning opportunities to a wider audience, of smartphone users.

Bringing Crypto Staking to All Mobile Users: Unlocking the Benefits of Passive Income

Traditionally, staking and DeFi protocols have been difficult for the average user to navigate and understand, leading to high rewards only for the tech-savvy and daring. However, with the release of the BOMB Mobile App, users can now easily stake assets such as BOMB, BTC, and Ethereum, while earning high APRs (up to 30% APR initially) on their crypto assets.

“If you’re looking to run a project on your own blockchain, Ankr AppChains is the way to get it built. We were very impressed by the team’s engineering expertise and speed of execution.”

– BOMB Team

BOMB Money’s CEO, Aaron Shames, mentioned the company’s partnership with Ankr, stating “We were blown away by how much easier it was to build our vision of BOMB Money with Ankr’s solutions. On our own BAS chain, we have drastically improved our ability to scale.” Ankr AppChains offers end-to-end engineering support for creating a custom app-specific blockchain and for building a Binance Application Sidechain to power the BOMB Money Mobile App, with a seamless and better user experience.

The BOMB Money team knew that in order to serve the whole world with revolutionary earning products, they needed infrastructure that could handle itself on a global scale. Ankr provides the ability to launch dApps on a dedicated chain, which makes scaling easier.

The Revolution of BOMB Money: How It’s Transforming Decentralised Finance for the Better

The BOMB Mobile App is changing the Defi landscape by breaking down the barriers to entry for new investors and making high-yield staking accessible to millions. By using the BOMB Chain, a custom-built blockchain developed by Ankr and the BOMB Money team, users can set up a fully functional Web3 wallet with just one click, and start earning high yields on Bitcoin and other assets. The BOMB Chain also creates massive scalability for the platform and offers fixed-term staking protocols with full transparency and proof of all assets.

Unlock the Benefits of the BOMB Money Referral Program in 2023

Looking to add to your passive income streams in 2023? The BOMB Money Referral Program is the easiest way to do it! With this program, you can make an estimated $2,700 for every 10 people you refer. Here’s an overview of how it works:

First, download the BOMB APP, create or link your BOMB Web3 wallet, and refer a friend using your referral code. You’re more than free to use ours: MVyb83lavA . When they stake $100* or more, both of you will earn a 6-month $50 Bitcoin stake*. No deposit requirements and no limit on the number of referral bonus stake positions you can earn! Start referring today and reap the rewards of the BOMB Money Referral Program in 2023!

BOMB Money Mobile App Referral Code

Download the app through your mobile app store:

Goolge Play

For iOS Mobile Users, The App Will Be Launching Later This Month.

For Example, if Bitcoin remains at its current value, you can earn an initial bonus of $50 for referring one friend, $500 for referring 10 friends, and $2,500 for referring 50 friends. This bonus value can increase up to $13,431.25 if Bitcoin reaches $100,000 by 2023, as many analysts predict.

Make sure to visit our Bomb Money Referral Program Landing page to get all the marketing material you need along with more details about joining the Bomb Money Referral Program.


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