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Pulsechain V3 Launch: Exciting Progress Update

Pulsechain V3 Launch: Exciting Progress Update


Richard Heart, founder of Pulsechain, made an announcement on February 26th, that has thrilled the HEX community. According to Hart, the Pulsechain V3 launch is just around the corner. The update shared by Hart indicated that the developers have successfully beat the bug and completed Stage Nine of the impulse Aragon.

Pulsechain V3 Launch: Development Milestones and Progress Update

This is a significant milestone, as it means the remaining metadata-generating stages will likely complete soon. All clients are being tested well now, and the tooling is being prepared for the testnet B3 launch. It’s great news that the testing is going smoothly, and it brings us one step closer to the much-awaited launch.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that testing and releasing a project involves a process. Even though testing is going well, there is still a way to go before the launch. Despite this, it’s an exciting development for the community, and everyone is eagerly waiting for the launch.

The Erigon bug has been successfully resolved, and the sync is running smoothly, with 7 days uptime and a massive 996GB RAM. The development team is working hard to ensure that everything is running smoothly for the upcoming launch.

While it’s difficult to predict when the launch will happen, the community is optimistic that it could be soon. The sync is currently at 70% completion, leaving just one or two days remaining before it’s finalized. Once the sync is complete, a few minor tweaks to the explorer will be required before the launch.

It’s exciting to see such progress being made, and it’s a testament to the hard work of the development team. The community eagerly anticipates the launch of Pulsechain V3 and the potential it holds for the cryptocurrency world.

In conclusion, the Pulsechain V3 launch is close, and the community is buzzing with excitement. The successful completion of Stage Nine and the smooth testing of all clients is a promising sign for the launch. Although there’s still a way to go before the launch, the progress made so far is impressive, and everyone is eagerly waiting for the launch announcement from Richard Heart.

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