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PulseChain Mainnet Confirmed to Launch in Less Than 7 Days

PulseChain Mainnet Confirmed to Launch in Less Than 7 Days


PulseChain Mainnet, the eagerly anticipated Proof-of-Stake blockchain, is set to launch its Mainnet in less than seven days, according to an announcement by the founder, Richard Heart. It was created to solve the Ethereum gas fee problem, currently making transactions untenable for many users.

PulseChain is a hard-fork of Ethereum, whereby all smart contracts, ERC20s and NFTs will be copied over, providing a free PulseChain version (PRC-20s) which can be accessed by simply changing the RPC settings in your Metamask wallet. The market will decide via price discovery what these free copies will be worth. You will be able to bridge between PulseChain and Ethereum to provide liquidity and earn fees. In addition the liquidity providers can stake their LP tokens in farms to earn yield in the form of the Incentive Token.

“PulseChain is the largest airdrop in history, and we believe it will provide a new gold rush for token and NFT holders,” said Richard Heart, Founder of PulseChain. “Our goal is to empower our users and provide them with a more accessible and user-friendly blockchain platform that is better than Ethereum.”

PulseChain is designed to be faster than Ethereum with far lower fees. In fact, like Ethereum, $PLS is the native coin which is used as gas for transactions. PulseChain has improved game theory over Ethereum by reducing the issuance of PLS by 25% per block which will make it more deflationary.

“By making the gas fees low, $PLS is highly sought after and provides a better alternative to Ethereum,” said Heart. “Each unit is very cheap, making it accessible to a broader range of users.”

Unlike Bitcoin, PulseChain aims to be eco-friendly by replacing proof-of-work miners with proof-of-stake validators, reducing the energy required to secure the network.

Some industry experts including Ivan on Tech, Bitboy, Ran from Crypto Banter and others have speculated that this could be the biggest launch in crypto history.

To keep updated on the official announcement, follow @RichardHeartWin on Twitter and go to pulsechain.com and pulsex.com.

Written by Crypto Claz

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Confirmed to Launch in Less Than 7 Days

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