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SmartBitcoinInvestments.com is the Internet’s #1 resource for Bitcoin investment tips, guides, and strategies. We also share in-depth knowledge on Bitcoin financial services such as Marketplaces, Exchanges, IRAs, Loans and more!


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BitcoinVideosPro – All You Need To Know About Bitcoin And Loads Of Tips, Tools And Resources To Make Earn Bitcoin For Free And How To Make Money With BTC


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VCAPs are a token used by Hedley productions to fund the first crypto-financed film. It pays back in full, making it a true DAO and in the meantime, VCAP holders get into a special part of the site where they can see behind the scenes footage and vote to greenlight our next project.
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Mad Mottos alternative apparel! Fresh new designs for crazy mad apparel!

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Adzcoin is the new way of making money on the internet through social media and it is available for anyone across the world. Adzcoin is a form of digital currency that can be stored on the ADZbuzz Social Media Network and is quite equivalent to Bitcoin. Nowadays, people are exploring new ways of making money online and it is widely known that social media provides a good source of advertising and many ways to earn money. That is why Adzcoin was created, to storm the market with an intent to make money for enormous number of people. It is created as an ongoing process. The idea of the Adzcoin project is to advertise the business and for everyone to benefit tremendously from it!



FutureNet is a Social Media Platform with a difference. It actually pays you to interact on the platform. Unlike Facebook, Youtube or Twitter FutureNet wants to actively reward people for using their website. FutureNet also offers a number of other income opportunities that will enhance the FutureNet experience.