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New Protocol On PulseChain! Free PHUX Airdrop! Passive Income From PHUX.io?


πŸ‘‰ Swap crypto for PLS: https://letsexchange.io/?ref_id=Jq5SdMoNsWdR8ljA
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πŸͺ™ Alternate way to swap crypto for PLS

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πŸ’‘ Learn about my favorite digital assets:
PulseChain – https://pulsechain.com | PulseX – https://pulsex.com | HEX – https://hex.com

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πŸ’  Stake your HEX: https://go.HEX.com
πŸ’  Real crypto wallet: https://metamask.io
πŸ’  Useful PulseChain Tools: https://bento.me/pulsechain

I am not a financial advisor. This is not financial advice. Do your own research. These videos are for educational purposes only.

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  1. You give too many Phux! – I’m going to have to start giving a Phux, because currently I don’t give any.

  2. You do realize that you are working for a con man that is being investigated by the FBI and SEC at the moment .. I would be careful if I where you… with all these videos you have created an enormous legal liability!!

  3. I really appreciate the dedication in each video you post. Despite the dip in crypto, I still thank you for the level-headed financial advice. I started crypto investment with $4,345 and since following you for few weeks now, I’ve gotten $18,539 in my portfolio. Thanks so much Mrs Claudia Jenkins

  4. Please do a video about BEET

    The suite of BEETroot tools:

    1. Anonymous Exchange – swap between any of nearly 4000 coins/tokens including PLS.

    2. Privacy Bridge – use this to move your BNB/ETH etc to a new fresh address on the same chain or whilst bridging over to a different chain. PLS and BTC available soon.

    3. Xswap aggregator – the best rates, all EVM DEX and bridges together in one place. No Pulsechain yet.

    4. Token holders are rewarded with 2% reflection tax on every buy/sell/transfer+ buy and burn from earned dapp fees + deflationary, 20% of total suply burned but remains as user that earns huge amount of reflection tax meaning burns it for ever making it deflate at a very fast rate.
    According to my calculations more than 30% of total supply will be burned in year one.

  5. Since almost all of my PLS is in LPs I guess I didnt have the required $1000 left in my wallet? Super super lame.

  6. I had sacrificed to plsx but after going through the process you told in this video, and connecting my sac wallet to this site it says I'm not eligible, can you pls tell the eligibility criteria for this airdrop ???

  7. Thanks Man! You are awesome! Also love the turn around time .. on waking up on the wrong side of bed! It happens.. and it's about how fast we can get back to eyes on the prize mood…

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