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How To Claim Your FREE PulseChain Airdrop – Easy Complete Beginner Tutorial


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  1. Thanks CC for this great tutorial! Reminds me of when I was buying and staking Hex for the first time! I was using your tutorial then also! Thanks for all you do!❤

  2. One question was not answered and I couldnt find a direct answer here in the comments. Do I see staked HEX which I have staked on the Ethereum-Net in the Pulsechain-Net as long as they are staked? Or do they appear in the Pulsechain-Net if I unstake it or the staking-period ends? Thanks in advance for your help!

  3. How is this an "Airdrop"? Just a copy of our ERC20 tokens that we had on eth network. They are worthless on pulsechain right? and even if we could swap them and liquidate everyone would which obviously would dump any value that was there. Now if your saying that we now hold copies of the tokens on pulsechain, and if ever those tokens have value on pulsechain then that would be meaningful, but for now almost all of them are worthless. Question, why does the ETH token contract address = PLS when I try to add the token in metamask on pulsechain?

  4. Anybody know how I can see my staked EthHex on the Pulsechain or does it not get copied since it wasn't in my wallet? Surely if everything was copied, the stake was also?

  5. Coffee, perhaps a video for "noobs" that have stakes ending & how that works on the pulsechain would be helpful for some. I don't have the platform to explain it to folks.

  6. So let me get this straight, unless I had coins in my MetaMask wallet on or b4 may 14th there are no free pulsechain? No smashed thumbs up for you. Wasted my time

  7. Gained a new subscriber here! Thank you so much, you're awesome 🙂 I thought I must have something as I've got wallets all over the place with various coins in but can't seem to get any into metamask other than some MATIC which is obviously on the wrong chain lol…
    Anyone know why lightbeam scan would get stuck at 4800? it just freezes lol…

  8. Thank you for your tutorial. I am new and had HEX staked on ETH upon the split. I just found the staked hex on pulse chain and when I go to unstake, it wants to send it back to ETH with a hefty gas fee. How can I unstake it and have it remain in pulse chain?

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