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Did PulseChain Launch Fail? What You NEED To Know About HEX, PLS, and PLSX


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  1. Failing would be the bridge crashing. Having so much volume that it grinds the bridge to a crawl sp your transaction takes 2 days is being a victim of its own success… Crazy whqts happening but getting minimal noise in yge crypto community

  2. Excellent and comprehensive for ALL, start to finish. Thank you! one question,
    Does anyone have any insight into when Metamask will show dollar values? Coins are in there but still no balances..very frustrating

  3. Pulsechain may be a great project but those of us who were too late to sacrifice for PLS are hopelessly sidelined. I have a large amount of air dropped tokens on the mainnet and no way to transact without PLS to pay fees. I'm willing to buy PLS if anyone wants to sell to me. PLS holders could make a lot of money by doing this.

  4. Question… Lets say you want to sell PLSX how do you do it? If the bridge is only one way how do you sell your coins to bridge back to ethereum. Would appreciate an explanation in this regard, thank you

  5. How does one expect new investors to figure all this crap out? They can simply go on RH and click buy for other crypto. Even using uniswap is child’s play compared this labyrinth of finger crossing and waiting. Where will the volume come from if the barrier to entry is this astronomically high? It needs be much much easier. There are only a FEW competent guides online for how to buy and use Pulsechain. Amazing. Good luck!

  6. I will be forever be indebted to you, you have changed my entire life and I continue to preach on your behalf for the whole world to hear that with just a small investment you saved me from going into huge financial debt. Thank you Mrs Elizabeth Wesley.

  7. Pulsexwas enough to see it we was 1.5-2 years ago put it there tonnes money and now its worth less !!!
    Normaly new project after launch goes like 5-10-20x so thanks a lot richart heart use people money 1.5-2 years and now we will lucky to take back how mich we did invested you

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