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ne of the big trends in Web3 in 2023 has been the rise of memecoins, cryptocurrencies also known as “shitcoins” that are themed around a viral internet trend. Their lighthearted nature is only part of their appeal; with enough momentum surrounding them, they can bring in serious profits for early buyers due to their extreme […]
lur quickly gained recognition in the NFT sector, and its lending protocol, Blend, seems to be following suit. Blend’s popularity has skyrocketed since its launch in May, eclipsing its competitors and also dramatically increasing the overall volume of NFT loans. According to data from DappRadar, Blend secured 169,900 ETH ($308 million) in trading volume in […]
he Germany fashion brand Hugo Boss is launching a new Web3 project that ties non-fungible tokens to physical pieces of clothing. The brand is adding NFC tags to a myriad of baseball hats and hoodies, allowing customers to create NFT “digital twins” from their items and dress up their avatars in the metaverse. After purchasing […]
he NFT world is abuzz with anticipation as details about the exclusive NFTNYC PROOF x Beeple event in Brooklyn on April 13th emerge. This unforgettable night will bring together a lucky group of 400 NFT enthusiasts for an evening of networking, collaboration, and celebration of digital art. With a live Beeple performance, great music, and […]
eeCon 2023 announced a list of 30 new speakers today for this year’s event. The list includes Hollywood celebrities, NFT artists, and executives from leading Web3 companies. Who is on the list? VeeCon 2023 added an impressive list of speakers to this year’s conferenceImage Credit: Vayner Media 35 iconic names added to the VeeCon 2023 […]
n 2021, OpenAI released the first version of DALL-E, forever altering how we think about images, art, and the ways in which we collaborate with machines. Using deep learning models, the AI system output images based on text prompts — users could create anything from a romantic shark wedding to a puffer fish who swallowed […]
ecentraland’s second annual Metaverse Fashion Week just kicked off (March 28-31), and the renowned Chinese American fashion designer Vivienne Tam is turning heads with her new NFT dress. The NFT is a digital qipao dress embroidered with three Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs in a mandala pattern. The dress was designed by Tam with technical […]
oodles 2, the larger-scale successor to the popular Ethereum NFT collection, takes its next step towards a broader launch today with the long-awaited opening of the Genesis Box: a tokenized bundle of digital wearable items first auctioned last June. Inside each Genesis Box are two pieces of digital apparel—which could include headwear, clothes, shoes, and […]
adean, an award-winning metaverse project, is joining Mythical Games on the Mythos Foundation. In doing so, Hadean will help build initiatives allowing for greater interoperability between metaverse projects. What is the Mythos Foundation? The Mythos Foundation is made up of five metaverse projects led by Mythical Games. The projects work together to promote Web3 gaming, […]