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enator Elizabeth Warren is at it again, building an army against the very technology that could revolutionize our economy: cryptocurrency and blockchain. In her latest crusade, Warren has shown that she just doesn’t get it, and is instead choosing to side with the banking establishment. But don’t take my word for it, let’s break it […]
ulsechain is an exciting new project that has taken the cryptocurrency world by storm. It is a new blockchain that is set to launch before March 31, 2023, and promises to be faster, more efficient, and more environmentally friendly than existing blockchains. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Pulsechain, its features, and […]
afemoon got burned, the self-proclaimed “safest” cryptocurrency in the market, just got hacked for $8.9 million by a clever attacker who exploited a glaring vulnerability in its smart contract. The hack was so simple that it took me only two minutes to spot it. Here’s how it happened and what you can learn from it. […]
s the world moves towards greater decentralization, it’s only natural that communication also evolves to keep up with the new digital landscape. That’s where Unstoppable Messaging comes in, a messaging platform for Web3 that’s set to change the way we communicate. Get Early Access to Unstoppable Messaging: With Unstoppable Messaging, anyone with an Unstoppable domain […]
n the world of finance and investment, there have been several assets that have created wealth and changed people’s lives. From stocks to real estate, the market has seen it all. However, there is one asset that has taken the world by storm and has become the best performing asset in history: HEX Token. #HEXicans. […]
ow have nearly 3,000 Africans adopted Bitcoin—often called “the internet of money”—without actually having access to the internet? African Bitcoin Adoption continues to grow daily. The answer lies with Machankura, a tool built by software developer Kgothatso Ngako for using Bitcoin with nothing but a feature phone. No computer, smartphone, or internet service is required.  […]