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et ready for an out-of-this-world experience, Star Wars fans! Cryptoys is set to release its highly anticipated Star Wars NFTs collection, bringing to life a lineup of iconic characters from the beloved franchise. Prepare yourself for an epic journey into the digital realm as these limited edition collectibles take center stage. The Galactic Collection: Your […]
he SEC is back at it again, this time imposing fines on Coinme, Up Global, and Neil Bergquist for allegedly deceiving investors in their initial coin offering (ICO) of UpToken. But let’s be real, who hasn’t deceived investors in a crypto ICO at least once in their life? Coinme is a crypto ATM company that […]
f you haven’t been keeping up with the crypto world, let me fill you in on the latest scoop. Ethereum staking platforms are growing like crazy. And when I say growing, I mean the Total Value Locked (TVL) for these platforms has reached over $16 billion. The Liquid Staking Market is the second largest sector […]
n a move that confirms they haven’t been living under a rock, Visa hires crypto devs to join their team. The credit card giant wants to make sure they stay relevant in the rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrency, and they’re not afraid to admit it. We have an ambitious crypto product roadmap @Visa and just […]
he Aave Community is currently voting on the ARFC proposal to “Deprecate Aave V2 AMM Market” on April 24th at 8:00 PM UTC. This comes after a low demand for the V2 market and the decision to pool together liquid assets onto a single protocol. The Aave community initiated a proposal to freeze the BUSD […]
n a surprising move, Binance is getting closer to acquiring Voyager Digital, a crypto lender that recently filed for bankruptcy. And if you’re wondering how Binance is going to get around all those pesky regulatory hurdles, well, wonder no more! The Uncensored Creditors Committee (UCC) has somehow managed to reach an agreement with the U.S. […]
ormer U.S. President and self-proclaimed Web3 aficionado, Donald Trump, is back with a vengeance. Following the rousing success of his first NFT collection, Trump has launched a second series of limited-edition digital trading cards on the Polygon blockchain. The announcement was made on Trump’s own social network, Truth Social, where he boasted about the “great […]