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Can You Make Money Liquidity Providing On PulseX? PulseChain Liquidity Farms Explained


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  1. Awesome video Mr Coffee, I did liquid of PulseX for Pulse, my reasoning was I believed eventually PulseX would catch up and even possibly surpass pulse short term, that was my gamble and looks like it is starting to pay off, hope you are well and doing goodπŸ™β€οΈπŸ‘Š

  2. hey, im reading between the lines and think i understand what you're suggesting by im struggling to understand exactly the balance and setup of each pair, are they all even to reduce risk? Does it involve using both INC pairs and the PLS/PLSX one, trying to figure out how they counterbalance each other….? any detail is appreciated as i think you're onto something thanks

  3. hi i have been unable to claim any free Pulse i scan for coins and it just says scan finished and that's it nothing appears anywhere , when i try to connect to go.hex on my metamask it says ( HEX is not available on PulseChain MainNet. Please switch MetaMask to a supported network to use HEX.) i have managed to move a few hundred hex from eth network to the pulse network using the bridge , been at it for days its just not working for me . i have switched it on again today and have noticed the address on the main pulse net page has changed from scan.pulsenet to otter.pulsenet i wonder why?

  4. Is there a detailed resource on how to do the liquidity farming on PulseChain? I have learned a lot by watching videos, but these often skip over specific steps like what buttons to click, how to check your liquidity pairs, how to see what has been earned, etc. Thanks for any help.

  5. I’m learning here, but shouldn’t we expect the value of the INC token to grow over time? So, even if we only farm a small amount now and receive a small amount of INC for doing so, should we not expect that INC token value to be worth more one day?

  6. If I want to farm USDC/PLS can i loose all my pls? Or am i just slowly selling my usdc for pls and gaining pls, would my usdc go to 0?

  7. I really appreciate the dedication in each video you post. Despite the current dip in crypto, I was able to build a big income stream investing with Mrs Elizabeth Wesley. keep up with the good videos.

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  9. I staked Hex 6 months ago and won’t be unstaked for a further 6 months. How do I get my copy of these on Pulsechain? Does it appear when the become unstaked?

  10. Just wondering, why Richard launched it now?
    He was always saying the bottom of Bitcoin is near and will be hard landing. He even mentioned the price of 11K.
    Are these 2 events related?
    Are we going to witness 15K per Bitcoin?
    What will be the price of PulseX then, 0.00004$?
    What will be price of Pulse then, 0,00008$?
    Random thoughts in my mind….

  11. Don’t buy on safetrade they are scammers I deposited $20 just to test out the platform to buy PLS And ended up with less than five dollars worth. if you value your hard earned money stay far away

  12. Love Hex but time to get out. UI and UX terrible and nothing created is straight forward and everything is technical. Adoption will not grow until you make it simple.
    Still trying to find my pulse drop? And can't do anything on Pulsechain as we have no pulse.

  13. Do I get back the DAI and PLS of the DAI/PLS pair after I harvest the INC? or do I have to wait until amount of INC become at least my LP invest?

  14. Wt@… really. Stick with reality..nvda, mrvl, ai
    ..what is the utility here. Its like the good ol boys passing otc stocks. Dont judge me by my winners judge me by my losers because i have so few. If u need crypto, Sec will lose soon and xrp will shoot up to 10 to 13…and fidelitys not adopting pulsex , btc will be the future store of value.

  15. I’m in v2 why hasn’t the numbers changed at the front before you can see how much actual tokens you got if im earning anything do I have to withdraw like a small % for the actual rewards to come to my wallet?

  16. i wanna farm uniswap on plsx

    UNI from Ethereum-WPLS LP




    I just dont know the steps to do so/ on metamask i cannot transfer my uniswap to pulse chain so How do i do this. im sry the wrapped coin thing has me burnt?

  17. Also I just unstaked 25 percent of my FARMING





    $57,130,528 However the tokens did not go back into my metamask wallet on the pulse chain network? did i get wrecked?

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