How Do I Submit A Video?

On your Login Form Box, located on the right side of the page, you click on “Upload“. It will take you to the “Submit Your Video” Form.

When Submitting A Video Simply Follow the Instructions on the page. We also recommend you use the video type “LINK” Option when uploading your video, as this will give you the best Quality & Viewing Results for your Video. Here is an example of how to properly fill in the video upload form:

video-upload-formPlease Only Chose One Category to Submit your video under. If you Chose More than 1 Category your video will be taken down. We recommend you just check the box that best describes your videos topic.

Your Video will also be taken down if You don’t follow BTC Upload rules. View BTCUpload.com Rules and Policy for more information.

How Many Videos Can I Upload?

You can Upload As Many Videos As You Like as long as they are Crypto/Blockchain Related. If your video is not Cryptocurrency or Blockchain Related your video will be taken down, no questions asked.

You are Only allowed 1 Category Per Video!

What Type of Videos Can I Upload?

You can Only Upload Cryptocurrency/Blockchain Related Videos. Any Other type of Videos for example: fashion, DIY home, entertainment, music videos or any other type of video NOT Cryptocurrency/Blockchain Related will be taken down, NO questions asked.

You can upload videos from Youtube.com or Vimeo.com by simply using their Embedded Code or Share Link (Share Link Recommended)

You are Only allowed to chose 1 Category Per Video!

How Can I get a Hold Of you For Further Questions?

Please email us at support@btcupload.com for any further questions you may have.

For any Errors or Suspicious Activity found on our site. Please also contact us at support@btcupload.com.

How Can I Advertise On BTCUpload.com?

If you would like to Advertise your video on BTCUpload.com you can fine full details on our Advertising page.

If you would like to submit a Guest Post you can find full details on our Submit Guest Post Page.

Contact us at support@btcupload.com for questions about advertising on our site and we’ll get back to you within 24hrs.  We also accept Partner Website Submissions, Link Exchange and Banner Advertising!