Worlds Best Crypto Raffle

Bitcoin Jackpot wants to be the world’s best crypto raffle. The company is launching the world’s first Bitcoin raffle where the jackpot is $1,000,000 USD and tickets are $20 each. The draw will happen when all 100,000 tickets are sold. You can receive payouts in any major crypto and possibly bank wire depending on where you live.

The raffle is open to everyone worldwide. The site just opened, ticket sales have started at and a portion of the earnings will go towards funding crypto science.

If the raffle is a success they’ll hold another one with a goal of doing several rounds each year. At the time of the draw, a winning ticket(s) is selected at random using which is an unrelated third party; the draw will be live streamed on YouTube (or another video streaming site) when every ticket is sold. To make things as fair as possible, the draw will be conducted on video by people who are not related to Bitcoin Jackpot.

Most of the money received from the raffle is paid out to prize winners. There are several prizes to be won. Then they have small expenses such as merchant fees, publicity, accounting, etc., to maintain the website and service. A portion of all the money supports crypto related sciences, specifically organizations that are developing improvements to the way the whole crypto ecosystem works. This will include government lobbying and advocacy which is important if we want to achieve worldwide adoption without interference or hindrance.

Bitcoin Jackpot is just getting started so they have no financial records to show, however as time goes on they are promising they will make available income and expenses on their site to keep things as transparent as possible. They are also asking the crypto community for useful suggestions so that they can succeed.

The founders started Bitcoin Jackpot in January 2018 as a fun way to spend some of your Bitcoins and Altcoins while funding important work. They have a goal to one day become the best Bitcoin / Altcoin raffle with the biggest and best prizes while helping to foster worldwide adoption of crypto-related technology.

The site owners claim to guarantee your winning will be paid out using any major crypto coin you prefer and in some instances even bank wire. Winners can remain completely anonymous or submit a photo and first name to appear on our website, it’s up to you.

Anyone can participate, worldwide. Currently (according to their website) their team consists of 3 hard working people and 1 lazy bum who are crazy about crypto and if this project grows they will add more like-minded people.