Wi Coin (WiC) – Investing in Wi-Fi with Cryptocurrency

Have you ever thought to make money (earn Cryptocurrency) simply by sharing your internet connection with anyone around the world? No, I am not kidding, technology has made it possible for you to earn money simply by share access to your internet connection with people who are looking for internet services in other countries. Why? We will tell you about this later in this article, but till now you have to understand that how does its work and how does you can earn Cryptocurrency by sharing your internet connection with others.

I’ve been using the internet since I was 17 years old and I know there is so many different ways to make money online. One of the most common way to earn money online is blogging, ads click, playing games and invest in online businesses, but I have come to know about this new company called CryptoWi, which is still in its development stage. According to the team behind Wi Coin, they are about to launch this new platform within few hours. Maybe, while I am writing this article, Wi Coin would be already launched and their users already earned Wi Coins (Cryptocurrency) by sharing their internet connection with other users.

How to earn money with Wi Coin (WiC)?

CryptoWi is a mobile application. The access of this application is available to the users only. Once you get access to the application, you simply share your internet connection with other users who pay in Wi Coins for using your internet services. Later, the company will pay you commission in Wi Coins for allowing them to use your internet connection. No investment, no registration, no time and any kind of talent required to earn Wi Coins with CryptoWi. Simply run the application on your mobile device and let other users use your internet services.

Why CryptoWi needs your internet connection?

We do not have access to an internet connection all over the world. Using the mobile network to use internet connection cost a lot. I know, there are some mobile companies who offer big discount for using their internet connection but still, they cost you a lot especially some of them need to be purchased in bulk which comes up with a limited period of time. CryptoWi is breaking this restriction for the world. This is a totally new concept, which will allow users to use the internet at any place in almost paying nothing to the users.

With the help of WiC, you will work as an internet service provider for those who have access to your Wi-Fi connection. By signup to the CryptoWi application, he/she will be able to see how many users of CryptoWi are providing internet access. You can set your own rate for per hour or even for per mint. Setting low rate will help you to earn more. But if you are the only user with internet connection then setting high rates will also work for you. So, it is up to you and how much you want to earn simply by sharing the password of your Wi-Fi connection with others.

The advance application of CryptoWi will allow you to set your own restrictions. For example, it is up to you to decide that who will use your Wi-Fi connection and you have also option to block someone etc.

How to register with CryptoWi?

Registration for WiC is only available for a limited number of users. There is no website of WiC available, which means that you need to have a special link to get registered with the company to earn money. Currently, you can register with the company by the following link:


All you need to have is a Bitcoin account so that you can receive your digital currency. If you are registering with them to provide your internet with other users, then you need to type the amount which you would like to invest. You can find full instruction when you visit their website.

How to withdraw money from WiC?

WiC pay you your commission in Wi coins (WiC). It is another digital currency like Bitcoin which can be changed into BTC and even in dollars. The benefits of using digital currency are high return rates. We have seen in past that how BTC has become the world most expensive currency within years. So, the more WiC you have in your account the higher return you will receive on your investment on launch day!

Is WiC a scam?

No WiC can’t be a scam because they are not directly dealing with you for financial matters. To build trust in their users, they have involved three different Escrow companies which are WiC team, Minerjones and Blazed. So, your investment is 100% safe because it is not the company who is getting your money but the Escrow companies.

Other ways to earn BTC through ICO:

Currently, CryptoWi is in its launch stage. They need users for their marketing purpose. Instead of investing in regular marketing techniques, they are giving you chance to earn Wi Coins simply by sharing their services with your subscribers and social media followers. No, it is not referral program where you will earn money only when someone gets registered with WiC. WiC will give you shares of Wi Coins for Tweeting about them on Twitter, Sharing about them on Facebook and using their link on websites, forums, and blogs etc. There for increasing your Wi Coin Shares in this new coin offering.



If interested in learning more about WiC or participating in their Investment Coin Offering (ICO) Please visit: