Turn Your Spare Change Into Cryptocurrency with Coinseed

With cryptocurrencies becoming more and more prominent as time passes, the need for a portfolio management platform that is specialised and updated to fit current trends and the popularity that these assets possess as of now. Coinseed is a project that looks to provide with precisely that, a comfortable and versatile method that will allow anyone to invest in cryptocurrencies, be it if you wish to dedicate yourself to it or just invest your spare change.

It would be easy to assume that, given cryptocurrencies’ rise last year, everyone who’s investing and trading them today is a seasoned investor and an extensive connoisseur of how they function and enjoys a high return on their investment.

However, the truth remains that a lot of people are still trying to invest in cryptocurrencies but have no idea on how to begin, which coins are more profitable, or how to handle the stress born from the market’s volatility.

Coinseed works by allowing micro-investments so that you may start your crypto adventure while only needing to invest your spare chance.

That is done by linking a credit card and choosing a portfolio of cryptocurrencies. Then, the network will proceed to collect spare change by rounding up purchases’ amounts to the next whole number and invest this change into your chosen cryptocurrency set.

This portfolio management platform also offers a function that is available in no other app which lets you convert your whole cryptocurrency set into a new one.

So far, Coinseed supports most major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin Legacy and Bitcoin Cash, Ether, Dash, Monero, Litecoin, Ripple, and ZCash, with more coins being added on a monthly basis.

By automating crypto investment and letting you merely invest your spare change, Coinseed can give new opportunities for people who couldn’t participate in the crypto market due to them not having enough savings or the natural confusion people may feel when entering a new industry with different approaches.

To exemplify the previously mentioned concepts and solutions, let’s imagine you buy a coffee. Now, let’s say that the coffee was $2.50. After you pay for it, Coinseed will proceed you calculate your spare change by determining the difference between what you paid and the next whole number, which, in this case, would be $3 for a total of 50 cents.

After the process is done, those 50 cents will be sent into your portfolio, increasing your funds.

And, mind you, this is all done automatically.

The platform is developed over the Ethereum blockchain, which has become the most popular platform over which companies now build their projects. And, because of this, Coinseed enjoys the availability of smart contracts and many similar features that provide with higher efficiency and security.

The CSD is an ERC20 token that will be used to pay fees for all those special functions and will be distributed via an ICO.

The ICO will air on March 20th, with an initial ratio of 495 CSD per each Ether invested. Said sum would continue to decrease on the following days until it reaches 450 CSD per ETH.

Whitelisted investors, who apply for it before the sale, will enjoy a unique ratio of 517 CSD per ETH.

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