The Solution For Universal Access to Credit, Swapy Network

Swapy Network makes use of the blockchain and decentralization to accomplish the mission of providing Universal Access to Credit as an Open source project. Swapy seeks for a world where efficient credit markets should have no barriers for new user and customers have the power and reap the benefits of Universal Access to Credit.

Timothy Cook Draper, also known as Tim Draper, a famous American venture capital investor, recognized as one of the Swapy Network mentors and advisers stated he is very excited to see how Swapy Network is going after cheaper credit and student loans, looking this as an ingenious solution.

How does it achieve that?

The Swapy Network is building a decentralized protocol, suiting three integrated applications, each one aiming to provide Universal Access to Credit accomplishing different objectives. These applications are:

  1. The Swapy Exchange: It connects smart money to emerging economies, offering international investors from countries where the interest rates are relatively low to credit companies in nations where the interest rates are relatively high, providing better returns to the investors and lower capital cost for the credit companies.
  2. Swapy Financial ID: It empowers people by giving them a financial identity that has the purpose to be valid anywhere in the world.
  3. Swapy Data Market:It’s objective is to transform users’ financial data into self-determined value through a token-based. By the use of the Data Market, decentralized applications will empower the individuals to keep their data and to choose how many tokens they receive in exchange for it, and they will decide when and with whom they want to share it.
    Not only that but it also aims to reduce the entrance of barriers for new users since vast pools of data will no longer be exclusive to large corporations. Instead, it will present an opportunity for those new participants.

Solving the problems of access to credit with Swapy Network

Swapy Network facilitates proposals for credit as a way to decrease the charges of capital, and it eliminates information asymmetry between members through a commonly shared and updated data network.

By providing better data to credit companies so that they can make better lending decisions and offer lower rates, they give lower prices to good clients. Not only that but it encourages lower cost capital and better information, which can reduce entrance barriers for new companies.

Swapy Network has its own token known as SWAPY. It is a utility token (ERC20 Token) based on the Ehtereum Blockchain, used to pay for the individual’s information or services in the Swapy platform. It will also be used when requesting loans as collateral when these features become available through the decentralized applications that are being developed by the Swapy team.

Interested in Purchasing Swapy Tokens?

They are currently running their Presale but their Token Sale will begin on April 26th at 12:01 pm (UTC-05):

Price per 1 SWAPY:
– Phase 1: $ 0.55 USD (15.38% discount)
– Phase 2: $ 0.57 USD (12.31% discount)
– Phase 3: $ 0.60 USD (7.69% discount)
– Phase 4: $ 0.61 USD​ (6.15% discount)
– Phase 5: $ 0.63 USD​ (3.08% discount)
– Phase 6: $ 0.65 USD

Swapy Network ICO direct website:

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