The Crypto App That Will Change Everything

We live in the age of the digital information. Most of the transactions we make are completed electronically. So much so that even our bank accounts no longer hold real amounts of the currency we deposit. Everything is done electronically. Everything is digital. That is why we are moving towards a wireless society. Parks Associate reported that 71% of all households in the united states have a WiFi connection. Moreover, the European Union released their eurostats report which showed that four fifths of Europeans have internet access. And those numbers are bound to increase as mobile usage increase, as well as internet speed.

It is in this exciting and ever evolving environment that cryptocurrencies came into existence. Starting with Bitcoin and then extending to altcoins, we moved as a species towards a more interconnected world. The freedom that crypto coins provided has been nothing short of miraculous. These coins have provided us with the ability to create with markets that were considered impossible before. Additionally, it has also given us the chance to move capital across nations without the need for central control. That lead to a whole new economy. An economy which is no longer bound by outdated rules from the past.

Thanks to these developments a new app has emerged that will revolutionize the world. CryptoWi app is a game changer. This app will bridge the gap between the regular person and then world of cryptocurrencies. The way it will do that is by entering the one market no one has thought about joining before, WiFi. Most people will think about using access to WiFi as a crypto market and conclude that it is a terrible idea. Between your mobile data and your home network, you have all the internet power required to suit your daily needs. Ergo, sharing a WiFi with strangers is not necessary. But that is not the case for everyone. According to the US Department of Homeland Security, 69,025,896 people visited the US in 2016.  Moreover, OpenSignal released data showing that only 88% of United States have 4G availability. However, as they explained, access to 4G does not mean that all mobiles have a 4G network if you are within that 88% coverage. It just means the potential to have that much speed is there. But the reality is coverage, download and upload speeds vary among the different providers.

The dawn of a new day


So why does this all matters?  WiFi is the market that no one thought about addressing until now. Everyone has experienced a problem with a slow data network or an overcrowded free-WiFi signal at Starbucks, but no one thought about creating a decentralised market of WiFi providers and users. That is the brilliance of CryptoWi app. By using Wi Coins (WiC), you can buy or sell your WiFi connection to other people who also have the CryptoWi app. The way you setup your connection for sale is the following:


  1. Download the CryptoWi app
  2. Create an account by using your email or sign up via Facebook or Gmail.
  3. Allow location access when asked by your mobile
  4. Tap on the WiFi icon
  5. Select the network you want to let other people use
  6. Choose how much people will have to pay for using your WiFi
  7. Insert the password for the network
  8. Lastly, press “sell password.”
  9. You are ready to earn some WiC


Some things need to be explained. The first one it is recommended to set secondary network before selling it to other people. While you are free to use the home network as a public WiFi, it is safer for you to have a separate network with a separate password. The second one is that NO ONE will see your password EVER. The CryptoWi app handles the purchase and sale of the WiFi, so your password remains protected and encrypted at all times. The third and last one is that you can change the price of your WiFi at any time. That means that you can set the price higher or lower depending on the situation.

Show me the money

While the potential for CryptoWi is there and the usage of WiC is a brilliant idea, the technical side also matters. At the moment, the company is looking to launch by Q4 2017. However, the company still has a presale and the ICO to complete. That means that there are plenty of opportunities to invest in WiC.

One of the biggest reasons is the low risk it represents. As of this writing, WiC projected market cap hovers at the $5 million mark. That sets the coin around the 200 position based on That also means that the worth of the first coins will be small, which will allow early adopters and investors to have a larger share than late users. Consequently, as the user base grows and the volume of WiC traded increase, the value of the coin will rise. That sets the early users in low risk, high reward scenario.

The second reason is how the app works itself. The CryptoWi app only works with WiC. That means that any purchase made will have to be done is this currency. That allows the coin to be heavily demanded as the user base grows and demand increases. This is a very significant detail because trade volume is a key metric when decided the potential value of a cryptocurrency.

The last reason for why invest in WiC is because of the people behind the company. All businesses live or die depending on how strong or weak is their leadership. Founder, Ronald B. Sao is an IT expert with over a decade of experience in wireless communication. Mr Sao was also one of the first Bitcoin adopters and has an inside knowledge crypto market. Leading the development of WiC is Deepak Kumar who also comes with a rich background and a thorough understanding of what is needed to offer a secure app. And lastly is Dr Catherine Oliver. Dr Oliver holds a PhD in Advertising as is the mastermind behind making sure this app reaches its full potential.

There are very few revolutionary ideas that involve cryptocurrency at the moment. But it cannot be argued that CryptoWi and WiC will forever change the market.

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