The Bitcoin Traffic Exchange That is Changing the Game!

There are several ways through which you can earn money online but the best way to earn money is to visit websites and watch YouTube videos. You do not need to be an expert in anything for this method of online earnings. While there are many online programs available but best among them is 4BC Network. Why? Because they comes up with so many options to make money and the best thing about their payout is the currency. They allow their users to convert their points into three different currencies which include Bitcoins, Dollars, and Ethereum. Among three, Bitcoin is defiantly the most attractive way to get paid because of its current market value and how it has made many people millionaires in one night.

How to earn money with 4BC?

You have to nothing more than just register your account on 4BC Network website and start suffering the website. The website has not set any limit to surf the websites to make money. You can visit as many as websites you want to increase your monthly income but you need to be active on the website so that you do not miss a chance to visit a website with a high number of points.

Is 4Bc free for everyone?

Yes, anyone can join this website to earn Bitcoin just by visiting the websites. You can upgrade your membership if you want to increase your earning. Basically, for pro users, there is always high commission available to earn.

What are different ways to make money through 4BC?

Visiting different websites is not the only ways through which you can make money through 4BC Network. The website allows you to make money by watching YouTube videos as well. The other possible ways to earn Bitcoins through 4BC includes:

  1. Earn through referral sales: If you refer to this website for marketing purpose then you will earn 50% of what he has spent on 4BC Network. For example, if your friend has spent $100 to purchase views then you will earn $50 but you need to be a pro member of this website. As a free user, you will earn only 10% of your friend’s spending.
  2. Refer other users to join: You can increase you earning five times as pro member just by telling about this website to your friend. As a free member, this rate will be reducing to one time only. The best thing about this program is the recalculation of Bitcoin worth on daily basis which means, if the value of Bitcoin increase, then your earning will be also increased automatically.
  3. Earn on your referral views: You will also earn every time when your referral user will visit the website. As pro user, you will earn 5% of your referral income whereas free user you will earn 1% of their income.

How does 4BC pay?

Currently, 4BC Network operates in 3 different currencies which include Bitcoins, Dollar and Ethereum. So they pay wallet BTC, PayPal, and Ethereum account. You can also spend your earned money on the website to upgrade your membership or purchase views for your websites.