The All New Decentralized Microtasking on The Ethereum Network

If you have not heard of Latium, then you were not involved in altcoins early days. Latium Classic (LATC) as it is now known, was launched in May 2014. The purpose of LATC was to serve as a viral currency with a proof-of-stake blockchain. This was a revolutionary concept back 2014. And yet, LATC had a remarkable success. The first million coins belonged to over 100,000 individuals, and it quickly cemented itself as one of the lead altcoins during the early days.

A new dawn

Most people would have been content with that result, but not the team at Latium. When Ethereum became a reality, the team behind Latium quickly started to plan the next big thing. They grabbed what they learned from their current project and improved on it. They saw the potential Ethereum offers and thought about how to decentralised microtasking using the Ethereum network. The concept took a lot of polishing, but after several years of waiting, Latium has come with a solution.


If you have ever been a freelancer or work with a freelancer, you know there are several unknowns you must navigate on a daily basis. Pages like Fiverr, Freelancer, and Upwork have tried to mitigate those issues by serving as a third party judge when disputes need to be resolved. However, this is still a cumbersome process that could take days or weeks before no resolution is reached. That is why conventional freelance websites are not reliable. They require people to take a risk and hope for the best.

That is not an ideal scenario. Labour should be rewarded safely and securely. That is what Latium will do. Latium is the world’s first decentralised microtasking platform. It creates a peer-to-peer network where users can pay for tasks completed using the Ethereum blockchain. Worried about getting not getting a work delivered or not getting paid? Latium thought about this as well. The interface uses the ledger to register all jobs requested or payments due. Everything is publicly available, which makes the Latium secure, transparent, and above all, cheap. The company will charge lower fees than standard freelance companies thanks to the fact that all transactions will be made using Latium ERC20 tokens.

All aboard!

Latium Token Sale. began Monday, July 24th, 2017, and will end up as soon as 4.5 million Latium Classic are in circulation. During the presale period, you have to buy LATC in order to get Latium Ethereum tokens at a discount rate. The exchange rate currently stands at 150 LATC per 1 ETH. The price will increase by 33% once this period ends. So right now is the perfect time to invest.

this period ends, there will be a conversation rate of 1 to 1 between LATC and the new Latium Ethereum. So the more classic coins you get, the higher your stake will be once the change happens. Moreover, you will get 10% of all purchases new users make if they sign up using your referral. This is it. This is what Vitalik Buterin envisioned when he talked about a decentralised system for everything. With Latium, you can finally do microtasking without any fear, and the guarantee that the blockchain will have everything register and encrypted. Latium is the project to invest. This is the next big thing, and it is about to explode. So sign up and invest before it is too late.