Review – Cheap Air Accepts Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a revolutionary invention when it comes to cryptocurrency. Much like many similar ways of earning money online, Bitcoin is one of them. The only advantage it has is that it is one of the first ones that were introduced into real life paying. Bitcoin is not an official currency in the real world but online it certainly is. There are a couple of very important things that you should learn about Bitcoin before you get into any huge investments.

First, it is a limited cryptocurrency just like any other, in order to avoid inflation. Crypto means it can’t be copied or abused. The whole idea of Bitcoin is very new to the world even though it has been seven years since it has been founded. The real founder has never been confirmed. Let’s talk about the system itself. Bitcoin relies on a network which records all transactions that have been made on it. Basically, you use addresses which are coded as a value of a bitcoin and since it is recorded and publicly shared, people can see if the address still has any value so they avoid fraud. All this seems easy but acquiring Bitcoins isn’t easy. It’s done by mining, just like you would do with gold and it is often compared to it, if not better. Even though this is a very unstable currency, people still do invest in it but it is a high-risk high reward kind of game. The value of a bitcoin can drop up to 80% in a matter of seconds.  After years of incorporating Bitcoins, we finally found them in many online stores as a way of payment. After starting from basic items, we came to traveling using Bitcoins.

CheapAir was the first online agency to introduce the option of traveling round the world and paying by Bitcoins. Of course, if you are not familiar with the trend you can always pay with the old fashioned cash via Western Union or credit/debit cards. The idea started when a customer of CheapAir asked them if he could pay for his trip by Bitcoins. Once the word came to the Travel Advisers and the CEO, they thought hard and decided to try it out. A lot of people don’t even know what Bitcoin is and even less know the real value of it. At one point after a huge drop in value, a single Bitcoin was worth about 2 US dollars. A couple of months later it was worth about a thousand US dollars. As an innovation, it is still very unstable and expert advice is not to save this cryptocurrency, rather spend it before the value drops. Following that advice, any real investments should be avoided, otherwise, you might be in for a bankruptcy.


CheapAir offers you Bitcoin as a way of payment for your desired trip, hotel booking, and many other things. At almost every flight and hotel you have a small button which says B, that means there is an option of paying with Bitcoin. When CheapAir CEO was asked why did he decide to give it a shot, he said it made the payment much easier, since it isn’t recognized as a currency. That means no commission on payments and no payment problems (be it cash or credit card). Bitcoin is a much simpler way of payment and is much more affordable than PayPal, BUT, is very unstable and no one can predict what will happen. So since the travel agency saves in transaction fees you save more on your vacation booking.

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