My Crypto Faucets Review

If you are an avid user of cryptocurrencies, you would have definitely used faucets before and understand how important it is to keep track of all your affiliate links, payouts, and withdrawing addresses. In a place where there are literally hundreds of different faucets out there, it is increasingly becoming difficult for one to keep track of all the faucets. You might have been noting them down on a notepad or a word document.

If you were one of these people, here is a great news for you. My Crypto Faucets is a completely free-to-use service provided by, allowing users to manage their favorite faucets and affiliate links easily. It allows users to list, arrange and manage all Bitcoin & Altcoin faucets under a single dashboard.

All users are required to do is to sign up and login in order to use the ‘Faucet Management Tool’. It allows users to list faucets and track their payouts and withdrawing addresses. This also allows users to access their favorite faucets through any device, be it a mobile phone or an ipad or a laptop.

Additionally, the service also provides ‘banner advertisements’ for its users – allowing Bitcoin or Altcoin related website owners to promote their websites, products and/or services relatively easily and effectively. Their banner advertising service is actively promoted on popular Bitcoin advertising networks such as a-ads, mellowads, coinURL and AdHitz. This ensures a completely niche targeted advertising experience with guaranteed real human visitors. The banners are in the adspaces until all unique clicks are spent (CPC advertising).

Sounds interesting? Go on and register on My Crypto Faucets through here: A single account is all you need in order to access their faucet management tool and CPC banner advertising services!

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