Mossland – The Crypto Powered AR Mobile Game

The blockchain has created a plethora of new applications and projects that continuously push the boundaries of what we believe possible with modern technologies. That is thanks to how versatile and practical it is, and how quickly it can improve and adapt to several different functions. However, a mobile game is something people wouldn’t normally associate with blockchain and what it regularly entails. Now, not only a mobile game but one that works with augmented reality (AR) is currently being developed.

We are talking about Mossland, an augmented reality (AR) mobile game where you act as a real estate trader using real-world properties and landmarks, which are translated into the game world.

In Mossland, users identify real properties to add them to the world of the game, which gives other users the ability to interact with them, be it to buy or sell them.

The trades inside the platform are made possible thanks to the implementation of a cryptocurrency, the Moss Coin, which is used inside the mobile game to facilitate purchasing and selling in-game assets, which significantly emulates the real estate market as it functions in the real world while giving players an innovative way to interact.

Augmented Reality (AR) is a concept that has been significantly used in mobile games, mainly thanks to the versatility allowed by smartphones to implement real-world locations and objects into a game. The most famous example of this genre is Pokemon GO, where players could travel the real world in search of characters that would be located around them and collect them in-game.

When compared to that, we can easily see Moss Land following the same steps and replacing Pokemon with real estate using actual properties.

Additionally, users can also use the Moss Coin to purchase accessories for their acquired properties, which are virtual dressings that can be added to your assets to make them unique for other players to see.

The most considerable part of this mobile game, however, is its scalability. Given how players are the ones identifying and scanning real-world places into the game, the more players join, the more assets users will be able to purchase thanks to a higher volume of properties being added. Creating a virtual market that grows with its populace.

The cities we see in the real world will be owned by the player base, which will dress them according to their tastes and preferences, breathing new life into the locations we already know thanks to the possibilities offered by augmented reality (AR).

Given the high popularity that economic investment and trading has enjoyed thanks to the evolution of options like cryptocurrencies and the FOREX market, it’s easy to see a mobile game like Mossland, which implements new technologies and its cryptocurrency, become a favourite game within the mobile community.

And it would be thanks to the high competitivity it allows for as well as the Moss Coin being a real cryptocurrency which can be traded for real-life profits.

If you wish to be an early investor and contributor for Mossland, you may want to participate in their ICO and take advantage of the whitelist.

Said ICO will take place in March 21st and will count with a total issue of 500,000,000 Moss Coin at a ratio of one Moss Coin per USD.


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