Make Passive Income With ADZcoin Extension

Do you use social media as part of your social life? If you do, now you have the option to earn money while you do it. ADZcoin is a way of making money online, similar to Bitcoin in which you in an ongoing process make passive income out of advertising. Put in the most simple way, is has it’s own financial system (not the normal one, made by economy system) and the idea is to improve business and social media advertising by using this digital currency, while in the same time earn passive income from it.

The currency can be used in tons of ways. They have a platform in which you can shop using the ADZcoins. There is also a free extension made for Google Chrome browser through which you get different kind of benefits. As a reader you can save money by not overpaying when shopping online; you can get an ad-blocker that will help you read online content without having to deal with advertisements; donate to publishers you like, so they can prosper; all that while getting a high-quality content! The extension blocks ads on sites that don’t necessary need to contain ads and allows the “good” ones or the ones you need on different sites. For example, when you purchase online, the extension gives you a pop out on coupons and sales that may interest you. So, you no longer need to look through the internet for coupons, the extension does that for you. On the other hand, you may donate to those publishers that is your opinion make good, high-quality content, just as an compensation for the ad-blocker you have.


As a publisher on the other hand, you get cut of losses from ad-blockers that exist; you can receive donations for articles and convert those donations in real money; and in the same time make a closer relation with your audience. It doesn’t get any better than this! The more people download the free extension, the more money are made. This extension is the main source for income and it’s just starting to spread.


ADZcoin has the transaction done in one minute, so this system is great for online sales and any kind of transactions. The social platform on the other hand, has a good way of growing its users ADZcoin balance and making it easy to use and understand. Signing up on the site and sharing it on social media allows not only publicity and advertisement, but also raises the coins value.

This kind of digital currency system has the potential to become the future of transactions and online advertising. So, don’t wait and be one of the first to earn from it. The extension is completely free and you get to use all of its benefits. This system is relatively new, but with time it has the potential to become one of the best ways to earn money online. These income generally do not promise higher level of income initially, but with time and some efforts put  in between you can earn as much to call yourself  a “rich” person.

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