Make Bitcoin From Banner Advertising on Your Website

Thanks to the internet who has to introduce us to so many different ways to earn money online by doing almost nothing much. Google Adsense was the first network who allows the online bloggers and owners of websites to earn money by showing ads of their client on websites and blog. But with the passage of time, Adsense has lost its credibility because of a number of publishers lose their account while Adsense also collect information about your website visitors which is somehow call stealing for me.

Today, there are many options available to earn money other than Adsense or you can say that there are many alternatives of Adsense are available for web owners to make money. But all of them follow the same business plan as Google Adsense which also includes “collecting personal data of website visitors.”

Recently I have come to know about growing ads network called A-Ads or Anonymous Ads. This advertisement network has been created for those who care about the privacy of their website visitors while its work in much better way than any other related ads networks. And the best thing, they do not pay you your earning in dollar or any other physical currency but in Bitcoins. You should not miss any opportunity to earn Bitcoins because their prices always fluctuate in positive ways which mean that your earning will be increased automatically without adding the negative effect of general economy of any country.

How do A-ads work?

For advertisers, its work in same way as any other ads network works. They select a package, which suits their need and pays to the company to bring visitors to their desired URL, which could be anything like blog, website, forum, Amazon product, and a company website. You have always option to set your own budget as low as 0.01 Bitcoins. The advance tool of A-Ads also shows you the expected number of impression your website will be received on the basis of your budget.



For a publisher or website owner, A-ads work a bit in a different way. The CPC and CPM of ads are set in advance. So, does not matter that from which part of the world the visitors are coming to your website, you will have a chance to earn equally from them. The current CPM A-ads offer is $0.48 per mille and CPC is $0.02 per click. Defiantly, they are giving you this account in Bitcoins.

Who can join A-ads network?

Anyone can join this network for free. There is no minimum traffic requirement for the website and blog owners. Even if your website has the 1-page view, then you can still get accepted by the team and have chances to earn money.

When did you receive your earning?

I know that you will get excited after reading this. Other ads network required you to earn minimum $100 to get paid, while they pay once in a month but A-ads do not work in this way. You can withdraw your earning whenever you want. All you need to have is 0.0001 BTC in your account. This means that if you are earning 0.0001 BTC per day, then you can request payment daily.