List Your Token or Coin on The New Zero Fee GYMBase Crypto Exchange

The GYMBase Exchange is, as its name implies, a new cryptocurrency exchange that will soon go online for worldwide use. What’s interesting about this crypto exchange is that, when we talk about GYMBase, we are also talking about a zero fees token exchange suited with the latest professional trading tools. And, what compels us to write this article is the fact that they are accepting new cryptocurrencies to join their exchange.

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What Is GYMBase?

The GYMBase Exchange or GYM Rewards Token Exchange is an upcoming platform for trading cryptocurrency pairs such as Coinbase or Kraken.

What sets apart this new platform is its features and its aim.

The GYMBase exchange is born from the GYM Rewards system, a platform for crypto mining using your own body.

You see, GYM Rewards is a blockchain-based project in the form of an app which tracks your training routines and physical activity. What it does with this information is to process it through an algorithm, and it generates GYM tokens depending on the intensity and length of your exercise routines or any other activity such as walking from one place to another.

The value of the GYM Rewards Token is that it’s convertible to other cryptocurrencies through exchange platforms, so you can mainly mine any coin with your body.

And now, the GYM Rewards Token Exchange is making the tokens even more valuable, providing with a faster way to exchange them. Additionally, by owning 1,000 GYM, you gain instant access to the zero fees token exchange.

The aim of the GYMBase Exchange is not only to add liquidity to the GYM token. It also acts as a bridge for new coins to gain more notoriety and value post-ICO.

What Does It Offer?

Besides the aforementioned zero fees token exchange and the professional trading tools, the market is offering an automated merchant service for gyms and any other entity accepting the GYM token.

By accepting a GYM cryptocurrency terminal, any business can start taking GYM tokens as payment in their stores and facilities. What’s even better, any cryptocurrency accepted for trades in the GYMBase Exchange will also be usable through said terminals.

Why Should You Join?

The GYMBase exchange is looking to create a platform for the commerce of cryptocurrencies as soon as they leave their ICOs, trading them for more valuable coins such as Bitcoin or Ether, giving them higher value and liquidity.

Everyone knows that one of the main difficulties cryptocurrencies and tokens face after their ICOs are done is finding exchanges that accept them.

The uncertainty that comes after coin offerings is a significant hurdle for any new cryptocurrency, but it’s also one that the GYM Rewards Token Exchange is looking to reduce, by giving new tokens instant liquidity through their platform.

As such, it would not be the smartest move to ignore the opportunity presented to new projects by the GYMBase exchange.

The current cost of listing tokens to the exchange is of 1 ETH per trading pair. Trading pairs are TOKEN/ETH, TOKEN/BTC and TOKEN/GYM. After the GYMBase launch we will change to a voting system. Take advantage of this opportunity!

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