How To Increase Your Bitcoin Referrals And Commissions With Little Effort

The quickest and easiest way to acquire bitcoin is to simply buy some. But there’s a downside to this: the exchange rate can fluctuate dramatically, which can cause you to lose more than you win.

A much simpler and safer way to earn Bitcoins is by joining affiliate programs. More and more Bitcoin-related sites now offer their members a commission of some sort when they refer new members.
Because of this, Bitcoin affiliate programs are a stable, profitable way to monetize off the Bitcoin industry.
The key driver is that Bitcoin makes it possible to reward almost any kind of purchase, from expensive items to upgrades, traffic or even micropayments.

The Problems

However, there are a couple of things that make Bitcoin affiliate marketing not as easy as it sounds:

1. You need to carefully select which services you want to promote. Since there are so many of them, it’s not always easy to find the ones you can profit most from.
Also, you’re facing the dilemma whether to promote a popular program with a good reputation, taking the risk that loads of people are already a member, or to choose for a brand new service, which – in the end – could always turn out as a scam or ponzi scheme and hurt your reputation as a credible source.

2. If you promote multiple BTC affiliate programs, it takes some time and effort to keep track of all your different affiliate links, and the related income you receive.

Fortunately, there is a way to solve these two problems at once


The Solution:

CoinReferrals is a brand new system that has done all the hard work for you and selected the top paying Bitcoin affiliate programs for you.
The site works as a downline builder, which means that you can promote all these high paying affiliate programs through just 1 link.
All you need to do is sign up for the site and add your affiliate id to the listed programs you can find inside the membershp area. Once you’ve done that, you simply copy the Coinreferrals affiliate link and promote it in any way you can.
Your Affiliate IDs will automatically be displayed to anyone that visits your Coin Referrals link. That means you are also eligible to receive multiple commissions in these programs too! Some may be a one-time commission, but others are paid monthly, which builds your residual income dramatically.

Among the listed programs are sites like
and loads more, all carefully selected for their profitable affiliate system, allowing you to multiply your Bitcoin earnings with the least amount of effort.

Within your Coinreferrals account, you get 2 options to build your downlines: next to the main site affiliate link, you’ll also get a personalized Programs page embedded with your affiliate links! Whenever your referrals signup to the various programs, they will automatically be added as your referrals.

Coinreferrals also offers a PRO account, which allows you to add your own two favorite affiliate programs to the downline builder. It also allows you to earn 50% commission for Direct Pro upgrades, 10% indirect commissions, receive Random Referrals and more!

You Can Promote Your Affiliate Link Without A Website

The benefit of promoting Bitcoin-related programs is that you don’t even need a website to make profits. You can send out your affiliate links using your social media accounts, your mailing list, and even to your personal contacts by sending them text messages. With a little imagination, you can get quite some people to sign up under you and start earning commissions.

Like I said before, you don’t even need a website to start building your downline with Coinreferrals: next to the main site affiliate link, you’ll also get a personalized Programs page embedded with your affiliate links! Whenever your referrals signup to the various programs, they will automatically be added as your referrals.

There are many possibilities to get the word out about your affiliate link. Let me give you just a few basic ideas:

* Write an article and submit this to article directories or to Bitcoin-related sites that accept guest posts.
* Share your links on social network sites
* Join ad networks and start an advertising campaign
* Create a slideshow and post it on Slideshare
* Add your link to free traffic exchanges. The more you surf, the more credits you will earn, and the more views your link will get
* Send out an email to your subscribers – or, if you don’t have a list, find someone who has and try to convince him to send out your solo ad
* Create a hub page
* Create a (review or promotional) video and submit it to the main video sites
* Submit your link to the search engines and get social bookmarks
* Create a Facebook or Adwords ad
* Post on blogs and forums with your affiliate link in your signature

(Tip: if you want to make the most out of articles you write or videos you make, or you don’t want to spend loads of time submitting your link to the search engines or to get social bookmarks, then Fiverr is the place to be.
For just $5, you can get all those tasks done for you in a professional way.)

Now all that is left for you to do is join Coinreferrals and set up your affiliate ID’s.
The basic program is free to join, this means you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.
How often do you get the chance to promote +35 top paying affiliate programs using just 1 link? Right, only once. Take this opportunity while it is still hot and start building multiple income streams in the most popular Bitcoin Affiliate Programs instantly.

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