GiftoBit Review – Changing The World Bit by Bit

In July 2016 the Giftobit Foundation is a nonprofit community service organization that came into existence with a mission to create exciting and innovative opportunities for people to be free and live passionately. The organization also empowers people to get the required education so they can be prepared for the technological future of money via cryptocurrency. They work with the philanthropic partners to support the projects in the area of education, food, health, human rights, shelter, animal rights, etc.

What it does?

The online teaching program will teach you about the bit coin and other crypto currencies. So you sign up with Giftobit and be a part of the growing community of the members from all over the world and begin supporting their philanthropic projects.

So, once you purchase the Cryptocurrency education package and enter the plan A self compounding team building matrix, you will begin receiving the bit coin contributions from the members around the world. For the growth of personal team build matrix, you will be asked to use your personal link to invite the family members and friends to join Giftobit. Thus, for every 5 paid members who join using your referral link you will get one bonus position in the matrix. Thus, 75 percent of the total contributions you get are withdraw able by you anytime and 25 percent of all contributions you get should go to the philanthropic projects.

More number of people when they join through your referral link, you can earn more number of bonus positions. It is certainly going to be profitable when executed systematically.

Way in which money works at Giftobit:

So, with the help of the automated systems, position purchases, level upgrades and all the transactions will be performed automatically. When you make any contribution to the philanthropic projects or withdraw money, only that time the transactions will need to be performed manually.

You and others, who sign up with the referral link, can expect a much better financial future with Giftobit. There are some levels to achieve in the system. In the plan A matrix there are three levels The level 1 has 5 members and level 2 has 25 members and level 3 has 125 members. Then comes plan B matrix which is similar to Plan A matrix but the amount of money you earn will be more higher.

Your income at the same time will increase on the daily basis when you follow the plan and your part in the matrix will keep growing too as more and more members will join the community. Thus, there will be more earning opportunities and more fund raising activities being executed as well. The bitcoin contribution you will receive from all over the world will keep enhancing.

Finally, you will be help the philanthropic projects making this world a better place and at the same time earn better for yourself. You can enjoy more financial freedom and everyone who joins with you with the referral link will also earn better and secure their future well.

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