CrypoCalibur launches a new unbiased ICO review site

CryptoCalibur was brought to life by crypto enthusiasts Gabor, Phil and Andrei to provide useful information about early stage ICOs in a space that’s seeing an overwhelming flood of new projects appear on the blockchain and crypto landscape at present, all trying to secure funding through such Initial Coin Offerings.


The website offers well-researched reviews of selected ICOs that managed to spark the interest of CryptoCalibur’s research team whose main work is aimed at uncovering the “Gems” among the complex crowd of announced projects. It often takes a thorough and well informed look to discover these gems, so far mostly unnoted ICOs that stand out from the majority of projects continuously springing up on blockchains like Ethereum or NEO (and sometimes even on their own blockchain), special because they contain the potential to become relevant in crypto space and might shape its future by what they are bringing to it.


With its unbiased and informative content that will soon be rounded off with crypto related news, interviews and reports, CryptoCalibur presents a place where interested parties can let themselves be inspired to follow new fascinating projects and gather helpful information to become knowledgeable investors.


The website also includes a submissions form that invites its readers to suggest to the CryptoCalibur team the ICOs they are interested in learning more about.

But that’s not all there is to CryptoCalibur. The CryptoCalibur team not only provides the kind of knowledge that serves crypto followers and investors, it also addresses the challenges that a lot of companies are facing when planning an own ICO, by offering them advisory services. An ICO usually presents a highly consuming venture for a company, but in the CryptoCalibur team with its broadly diversified experience in the realms of crypto as well as the traditional business area, such a company can find extremely helpful partners.


Apart from mere councelling CryptoCalibur’s ICO services include taking care of the marketing and public relations aspect by supporting the cause through online ads and helping expanse the community, giving companies the opportunity to benefit from the team’s expertise and connections.


The three co-founders of CryptoCalibur share an interest in all things crypto and come with backrounds that support their vision.


The head of research, Andrei, comes with a MSc in Business Administration and has collected a lot of experience in the startup scene as well as in logistics and business development. His strong research skills and expertise in ICO analysis make him an expert in finding promising but overlooked ICOs in their early stage and a perfect fit as lead of CryptoCalibur’s research team.

Gabor, who’s in charge of  managment, has a Bachelor Degree in Economics and Finance. He’s a successful business man, having gained lots of experience by running traditional and online businesses for over 10 years. He’s not new to ICO research and his skills include market analysis, PR and marketing advice for ICOs.


The team’s main man for business relations is Phil, an entrepreneur and digital native who is well-versed in the areas of E-commerce, retail and event management by running several projects over many years. He also has a lot of experience in organizing online communities on various social media platforms. His knowledge and skills make him the perfect advisor for ICOs.


The CryptoCalibur team is enforced by a partnership with Dawid, a crypto analyst well known for his highly regarded Youtube videos as “CryptoCoins“.


The people behind CryptoCalibur are always working on improving and developing their project to reach the ambitious hights that they envision – to become the best ICO review site on the planet.


CryptoCalibur can also be found on Telegram messenger, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube.