Crypto-Traffic Review – How To Get More Bitcoin Visitors to Your Website

There are so many companies out there who allow you to purchase traffic for your website or the website of your clients. These companies usually generate fake traffic for their customers due to which the reputation of their website get damaged and search engines like Google penalize their websites which mean the loss of a good domain name and trust of your users. But thanks to Crypto Traffic which is a new website, comes up with a totally new concept of generating only real traffic for their customers.

How does Crypto Traffic different?

Traffic generating websites usually generate traffic through PTC concept in which they pay an extremely low price to their users to visit different websites. On daily basis, the website receives the same traffic which does not benefit at all because this is fake traffic which does not visit your website in intention to be your customers but only to increase the Alexa rank. The business model of Crypto Traffic is different and this is why we are sharing the detailed review about them with you. So, you can also generate real traffic for your website and turn your visitors into customers.

How does Crypto Traffic generate traffic?

Crypto Traffic generates traffic for their customers through the different way in which traffic from social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter is common. They also send a premium newsletter to their subscriber. Now, in this whole process, the people are not forced to visit your website or paid to visit your website. Only, those who are actually interested in your products, services on even just entertainment website will click and generate the real traffic for you. Crypto Traffic also offering you the services like guest posts and press release about your website which helps to generate permanent web traffic,

Price and plans of Crypto Traffic:

They are currently offering four different plans to their customers. You can purchase their basic plan as low as $19.95 or the advance plan in $84.95. In their basic plan, they are sending total 5,000 website visitors to your website while in the premium plan, you will able to get more than 23,000 website visitors. They do also have a gold package with 10,500 visitors which cost you only $39.95. For guest post, you can purchase their package in $44.95 in which they will submit your guest posts on popular blogs including BTCUpload etc.

You can also earn money through Crypto Traffic:

Crypto Traffic also has an affiliate section in which they allow you to earn money simply by referring people to their website. Instead of paying a fixed amount on money on every referral, they are paying commission in percentage. You will able to earn 10% of total spending of your referral through affiliate program of Crypto Traffic. For example, if you refer a person who has spent $100 on Crypto Traffic website, you will get $10 as your commission.  You need to earn minimum $10 to receive your payment. You can demand the payment on the daily basis if you are good in generating referrals.