CoinBanks- Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

CoinBanks is a cryptocurrency trading platform, operating since 1999. CoinBanks believes in data integrity, provision of transparent and honest product and services and maintaining a high security platform. CoinBanks started operations during the peak of the economic crisis and managed to turn the small company into a globally recognized trading platform.Currently, the platform has about 4764 commissionable trades, 5100 customer assets, 2280 brokerage accounts, and 2500 investors.


CoinBanks has developed a number of products and services to cater the demand of the clients. For example, before introducing a strategy on the platform, CoinBanks performs detailed testing on it to see the results.

In 2005, CoinBanks introduced a strategy that had a potential to generate very high returns in just two months. After collecting a large amount of data from largest exchange rates by trading volume, CoinBanks loaded it on a multi-functional model. It turned out to be a highly successful strategy for investors as they secured high return by using it.

In 2008, CoinBanks introduced PAMM (Percent Allocation Management Module) accounts on their platform, which enabled investors to secure high profits with little or no direct involvement. Later on, in 2011, CoinBanks launched bitcoin trading on the platform, making it a successful strategy to gain higher returns.


PAMM Accounts Offered

There are six different types of PAMM, including Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond and VIP. These accounts have been designed to cater the needs of every investor so that they can achieve their financial goals. It also allows investors to earn profits without trading themselves, because the account is managed by account managers. The only prerequisite of choosing these accounts is that you must choose your manager or broker carefully and assess the possible risk attached with it. Given below is a brief description of PAMM accounts.

  • Bronze – With a minimum investment of $2,000, an investor can sign up for abronze account, which offers Leverage X2 along with a trading signal during the week and services of personal account manager.
  • Silver – For a Silver account, you can register with a minimum amount of $5,000. It offers the services of a personal account analyst with two trading signals a week and two education sessions.
  • Gold – You are required to have at least $10,000 to sign up for a Gold account. It allows you to receive three trading signals a week with three education sessions and also offers the services of a personal account analyst.
  • Platinum – To sign up for this account, you have to deposit $10,000. It offers a Leverage X3, daily signal services, assistance of a senior account chief analyst, and a complete education package.
  • Diamond – An investor has to pay $100,000 in order to sign up for a diamond account. Although, it is a very expensive account, yet, it offers a leverageX5, which allow you to trade more.
  • VIP – This account offers all the services offered by the platinum account. However, with an initial account deposit of $250,000, you can have a Leverage X7.

You can also use different tools to keep your losses to a minimum. Limit orders and stop losses are two of the examples that allow you to lock your returns when there is a shift in theasset price.


Safety of clients is the top priority of CoinBanks. This is the reason why the website is fully encrypted with 128 bit SSL encryption certificate. Moreover, whenever a trader places a transaction, a closed lock icon appears on the lower or upper part of the window. By clicking on it, customer can view the certificate information. The financial information of a client is also fully secured and controlled by an effective security system.

A user has to enter a password to access his account. Also, the security personnel carry out a routine check of the platform to make sure that client’s information is fully secured.

There are a number of assets available on the platform, including commodities, indices, CFDs, and currencies. You can invest your money with ease of mind and trade in a user-friendly environment. If you have any queries, you can always contact their 24-hour customer services where traders with specialized knowledge will answer your queries and guide you where you should invest.

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Author:Adil Adeel – Independent Financial Data Analyst