Clean SL8 – The Monero Fork

Phase One:

Clean SL8 project involves cryptographic currency. Clean SL8 plans to create a modified version of protocol of Monero. The protocol will be ran using “Monero” algorithm, “CryptoNote” to mine our SL8 coin. Our coins name is Clean Slate Shills. (SL8) The maximum coin supply for this coin is fifty million coins(50,000,000). Pre-mine of 10M before launch for ICO and interactive coin burn. Development will receive 1.5M. The second amount of 5Mwill be stored in a separate wallet that SL8 founder will control, to be used in distribution to random generated wallets and for I.C.B. This is a future idea to promote our fundamental Interactive Coin Burn which makes our project unique. Clean SL8 plans to partner with a current project, that we will implement into our working mechanics of our SL8 coin. The next step in this phase, is to create a wallet to store our coin via web based wallet. We plan to have a future app developed and created for Android devices after launch of our project. Clean SL8 will deliver information about when these developments are hitting our roadmap. The next step to our project is to create a mining platform where we can generate income which will help further develop our projects journey. This will have other coins such as “Monero”, “Ubiq” and other minable coins that are in the cryptographic industry along with our new coin forked SL8 off of “Monero”. Our coin will then be used in a Initial Coin Offering or I.C.O. of short to further develop our platform!

Phase Two:

We will be using our coin to perform coin burns directed by the community. This will be available and is where a partnership or use of a outside platform is needed. There is a app that is already in development that we can implement within our own platform to make things available for active community holders of our currency. This is just optional to participate. The idea is to vote on how many coins we burn. This will occur every time 5000 blocks are mined. We will take a vote built on a platform that is using block chain technology This allows us to decide what amount the community wants to burn. The platform is using block chain technology and will minimize double voting and will give us a accurate decision based on the community for our interactive coin burn to occur.

If for any reason, there is indecision on how many coins to burn occurs, Clean SL8 will push the coin burn to the next 5000 block that is mined and will burn the amount voted on at the next coin burn. We will also give out the amount we planed to give to wallet owners durring that same next peroid.

At the next 5000 block mined

Phase Three:

We will now expand our website from our mining pool. SL8 will start our pre-mine of 10 Million coins. We will do testing to ensure our mining pool is stable for launch.

Phase Four:

We will offer to investors interested in the project on day one ICO of 3.5M coins $00.03 USD May 2nd 12PM 2018- May 09 12PM

Payments will be accepted ETH, LTC or BTC.

Coin will go live and we will start countdown to first ever Interactive Coin Burn ever created.

Phase Five:

Clean SL8 is building an “Android” wallet which will allow you to store our currency with your smart phone on our app.

This application will be our first smartphone application and will be created after Launch of Alpha.

This section explains what our SL8 coins purpose is and how we are planning to bring value to our investors.

We plan to create a platform where we will focus on “Life Coaching”.

There are professionals which you could go to when you feel like you need help with a specific problem such as a psychiatrist for mental help. Another example is for example you are having a drug dependence and would like to stop.

But there is no incentive to help eachother. We may not be professionals! We have been through some issues and hardships that professionals have not. We should empower eachother with our knowledge and save each other the daunting task to walk through troubles alone. This is where our community is built upon and we plan to revolutionize how we help each other.

Life coaching is a 2 Billion dollar industry.

We would like to infuse our project into the industry to bring our platform tool to regular smart phone users and be made readily available download for free.

We plan to monetize life coaching anonymously! So seekers can get help. This will be a tip based platform this allows seekers to post a issue, where qualified profiles that have dealt with similar situations or hardships. Teachers that feel experienced with the issue can chime in and offer their help based on their life experiences to help the seeker with insight to help them through a life challenge. Clean SL8 will take a 5% fee per transaction along with transaction cost fees.

The rest that is sent will go directly to the recipient of the tip.

This platform will create value because there are so many lives our platform will help. This will bring value to customers and will create a demand that can be met that is currently barren. We will create a way for customers to purchase our coin on platform and will create a future feature where they can convert their coins back to Fiat currency for a small fee including transaction fees.

This platform was inspired from a life of hardships and we wanted to bring to life, a tool to communicate our hardships or problems with similar individuals that have been through the greener side.

This will also allow individuals to share their experience in vast categories that fulfill the role of teacher.

This will be a platform/tool for the future to keep individuals communicating their needs when life comes on life terms basis.

We intend to have mock up designs up on our website as soon as we are able to continue the development of our next stage of our project.

Currently, we are working on recruiting talented individuals to join our team.

Part 2

Clean SL8 plans to be adding a new layer to our project that involves storing historical data on the block chain. We plan to allow community users to store information like a autobiography. Clean SL8 platform will allow private storage of this information. We like to preserve data to stay factual and minimized tampering of events. We as a team would like to bring to life a platform, that allows our users to create a family tree on the block chain. This allows our users to upload images of the individuals inside their family. This is important because stored data on a computer or written document can be lost or stolen. The idea is to keep history intact. We are looking into expanding this idea also to all forms of history. Clean SL8 would like to build a different section that allows users to upload credible sited history data which must be reviewed by other community members to submit data as a form of factual information. We plan to develop this part of our project after launch of Alpha.

The purpose for this section of our platform is to allow our community to keep history unchangeable after they are gone. Clean SL8 would like to have a barrier behind the families autobiographies and family tree. In the Future, companies may request information on a specific family. This will allow the family that has their information stored behind our barrier, able to negotiate a price willing to unlock information the family tree owner is willing to reveal. We plan to implement our currency into this system as a form of payment for the barrier unlock.


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