Apptrade The Stockmarket of Apps

In the era of technology, it is now not difficult to find out different opportunities to earn money. There are dozens of different ways through which you can easily make money. Although, with the improvement of technology, new ways of making money is also being introducing. For example, have you heard about Apptrade which allow you to earn money by investing in mobile application business? If not, then keep reading this article because following I am sharing complete guide about Apptrade and how you can easily turn your small investment into big revenue.


Mobile now becomes an essential part of our life. From waking up in the morning till late night, we use mobile. Mobile has also replaced so many technologies due to its exclusive features. But without applications, there is not much use of mobile phone in our life other than using it as an ordinary phone to attend and dial calls. So, why not take advantage from this? Apptrade has thought about this many months ago by launching a solution for both, the investor and people with ideas, plan, and team to create a mobile application.

For business point of view, Apptrade is an excellent place to raise money for their upcoming mobile applications where on another hand, Apptrade does not offer less opportunity to the investors. By investing money or giving your money to the people who are looking for investment, you actually become part of their business. This is what Apptrade do for both of you by providing an online platform where investors and start-up owners meet to generate revenue together.

How to make money with Apptrade?

As an investor, you don’t need to invest in any specific mobile application to earn money. All you need to purchase APPX tokens online and use them to add mobile applications in your online portfolio. You will receive 10% of the revenue of your selected mobile applications. It is same as you invest in stockmarket and purchase shares of different companies. Apptrade allow you option to add and remove applications from your portfolio. By doing this, you can remove low revenue and less popular mobile applications from your portfolio and replace them with high revenue mobile applications. There is no rule regarding this. It’s all depend that how much you want to invest and how many applications you want to put in your portfolio to increase the chances of your earning.

How to withdraw money from Apptrade account?

Apptrade does not pay you in fiat currency but in cryptocurrency called APPX tokens. Due to the popularity of BTC, investors always have the chance to increase their earning with the passage of time as we have seen that how the rate of BTC has been raised against the price of the dollar. With APPX tokens you will be able to convert them to Bitcoin and later exchange them to dollars if you wish. Or simply keep your APPX token in your portfolio and have them work for you by making you money on the percentage you will earn from the profits the Apps will be bringing in. This is all up to you and does provide you with options for you to build a more profitable portfolio.


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