ADzcoin The Altcoin of Opportunity!

Currently there is so much buzz going around the internet about this hole new social media Altcoin called ADZcoin. Now the only way to get ADZcoin is by joining the ADZbuzz Social Media Platform. Very similar to Facbook, however with ADZbuzz you get payed to be social and investing in the platform itself, along with the Altcoin provided by the Platform. Many of the ADZbuzz users are purchasing several ADZCoins by the hundreds at this time and are making a passive income from the ADZbuzz upgrade. ADZbuzz has currently been successfully paying out thousands of ADZcoins to their users on a daily basis, by having their users upgrading their account they have the potential to make a successful and secure passive income with this new Social Media Altcoin!

How does the ADZbuzz Upgrade work?

  • Step 1: Buy An ADZbuzz Upgrade Offer

The upgrade offer will lift your limits on the ADZbuzz platform so you can use it as any other social media platform without restrictions. The upgrade offer can only be bought using ADZcoin, which can easily be bought with USD from the cryptocurrency exchange Livecoin. (Read the tutorial here)

  • Step 2: Get A 100% Refund Instantly

The truly unique angle of this offer is that it’s basically free to get started. The amount of coins you use to buy the upgrade will be instantly credited to your account.

  • Step 3: Watch Your Profits accumulate

Once you buy an upgrade offer you will earn up to 30% profits on top of your initial payment. So $1000 worth of ADZ will turn into $1300 over time coming from numerous income streams within the ADZbuzz project.

  • Step 4: Rinse And Repeat Until You Earn A Full-Time Passive Income!

The compounding factor will allow you to buy more and more upgrades which will ensure you eventually earn a full-time passive income, while at the same time owning an asset (ADZ) that is worth a lot of money!

How Does the Cashback Work?
Every day ADZbuzz will evenly distribute earnings with their upgraded members. The earnings come from a wide variety of products such as

  • The lifelong advertising offer
  • The notification bar credits
  • The ADZbuzz VIP offer
  • The ADZ payment processor
  • The ADZcoin web wallet
  • The Forum VIP offer
  • The ADZbuzz Marketplace
  • The ADZcoin Cashback Site
  • Many more in progress…

The earnings of the ADZbuzz project will gradually grow as more and more people start using ADZcoin and the platform features. This will ensure that the ADZbuzz Platform can distribute more and more earnings when more and more people buy the ADZbuzz upgrade offer.

Keep earning as much upgrades as you can in this profit share while the coins are still cheap! You can easily buy an upgrade for as low as $10 if you are on a budget to start accumulating a passive income stream in ADZ. And share this opportunity with others, to help them out.

Because once this new concept spreads out and goes mainstream with crypto enthusiast & publishers, the demand would sky rocket, and the price of ADZ would rise with it. They won’t always be at 1-2 cents when thousands of people start joining and upgrading their accounts.


And do you really think a social media platform like ADZbuzz would have a hard time getting users with this passive income opportunity that we have to offer? Of course not!

Millions of users join social media platforms that pay them nothing for their time on it, let alone a platform that is part of a long term project that would help thousands of people achieve financial freedom and earn a passive income stream!

ADZbuzz is currently in Beta, so it’s only going to get better, and if this is what it offers us now, just imagine the potential it will bring in the near future! It is a unique concept, with nothing like it out there; a profit sharing system designed to benefit the users! So share it with others and enjoy the low ADZ price. Now is the time to buy as many upgrade as you can afford while prices are still cheap!

As you can see several ADZbuzz users accounts have been growing tremendously and so can yours at this time!LvisD_379509_91236bd5aa839e30828cc59f79b5ab43 (1)RWqHD_379540_63ada83f8accd44d7fe73beb82193f35


So Don’t Wait Join ADZbuzz Social Media Platform & Take Advantage of This Amazing Opportunity Today!