A Full Review of CoinURL.com

CoinURL.com non-intrusive an highly efficient image and text contextual advertising for the websites of its users. It is based on a system of pay/click. It helps in shortening the URLs and it lets you earn Bitcoin on each click on the link of your website.

Helpful in earning:

coinurl.com lets you convert any of your content that you create into money. It can be the content from anything like websites, images, blogs, torrents, tweets, etc. There are different competitive rates offered by this platform; they pay out the greatest parts of the funds that the advertisers pay.

Tools and custom settings

coinurl.com lets its users to automate the process of shortening by using the extensions of their browser. The users are not required to shorten the links on their websites. All you have to do is just let the script be placed on all the pages. There is also an option given for adjusting the settings. It is effective for the people who will be clicking on the link given by you. In this way the unwanted advertisements would be filtered out, auto-redirect will be enabled and maximum interstitial wait time will become limited.

Privacy policy and audience targeting

The privacy policy of coinurl.com is very strict. They really respect the privacy of their users. All the payments are supposed to be made anonymously by making use of the virtual currency, i.e. Bitcoin can be exchanged very easily for the actual cash.

coinurl.com also lets the users target their advertisements to the particular countries, their languages and devices and their web sites from where the users are supposed to come. The frequency can also be adjusted for making their users’’ campaign even more efficient than ever before.

Market pricing offered by coinurl.com:

The users can start their campaign while having any suitable budget. coinurl.com offers a very flexible pricing that is based on auction. Presently it is used by lots of platforms that are known for advertising.

Security provided by coinurl.com:

The people who are actually interested check out the advertisements rather than seeing the bots. CoinURL.com does every possible thing for combating fraudulent clicks for the satisfaction of their customers.

Efficiency of coinurl.com:

As coinurl.com provides Interstitial advertising and it is a highly efficient and inexpensive way for increasing the awareness of brand. Otherwise you will have to choose the option of banner ads that bring those users who actually want to buy your product and who are interested in getting your services. So coinurl.com is considered to be the best in this regard.

The team of coinurl.com is very supportive and all the members of their team try to facilitate their customers as much as they can. It has been noticed that for coinurl.com, the satisfaction of their clients is the first preference. Lots of people first remain reluctant to try out the services of a company that they have never tried before. In the case of coinurl.com, there is no need to be reluctant because you would never become disappointed by their services.